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It’s always about the gold.

Ethanol “Gross Exaggerations”

Proponents (generally investors) say that ethanol is the hope of the future and the answer to energy independence. They say it reduces air pollution, and greenhouse gasses.

They also say that it is economically competitive, and that it is a renewable energy source.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Now let’s apply ‘factual and mathematical’ data to each claim.

Claim 1: Ethanol will provide energy independence!
Reality, there simply isn’t enough land.

If “all” corn (every stalk) grown in the United States last year were used to produce ethanol (not food, not feed), it would address only 18% of fuel needs for gasoline powered vehicles. If we convert “all” of our current farmland to nothing but corn production we could cover possibly 80% of our need!

Claim 2: Ethanol is economically competitive:
Reality, it is more expensive.

According to a detailed 2005 report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, corn-based ethanol costs $2.53 (several times more than it costs to produce a gallon of gasoline.)

What goes into that cost?
1.) You have to plant the corn – plowing and planting requires
2.) You have to grow the corn – requires fertilizers and tractors to
spread it
3.) You have to harvest the corn – requires tractors or harvesters
to pick the corn
4.) You have to truck the corn to the processing plant – requires
trucks (and/or trains)
5.) You have to process the corn into ethanol which requires energy
in the form of electricity and heat

Claim 3: Ethanol will drive gas prices down:
Reality, it increases the price of gasoline.

Adding this more expensive concoction to gasoline raises the price of gasoline. Ethanol is twice as expensive as gasoline in the wholesale market.

Claim 4: Ethanol reduces air pollution:
Reality, it produces more pollutants then gasoline.

A thorough review of a scientific study conducted by Robert Niven found that, when evaporative emissions E10 fuel (10% ethanol and 90% gasoline) total hydrocarbons, non-methane organic compounds, and air toxics emissions increased over conventional gasoline tested alone. With ethanol use there are greater concentrations of photochemical smog and toxic compounds. The bottom line, the pollution is worse for E85 or ethanol-based fuels.

Claim 5: Ethanol reduces greenhouse gas emissions:
Reality, it produces emissions equal to gasoline use.

Virtually all scientific studies show that the greenhouse gases associated with ethanol are virtually equal to conventional gasoline once we examine the entire life-cycle of the two fuels. Ethanol as part of an anti-global warming policy is what academics refer to as “crazy talk.”

Claim 6: Ethanol helps make gasoline go further:
Reality, it reduces your mileage efficiency.

In a number of tests conducted by various automotive industry publishers and independent labs, it has been ‘validated’ that ethanol actually reduces the miles-per-gallon efficiency of your car by 10% (it lowers the octane rating).

Doing the Math: If your car gets 30 miles per gallon and you drive 600 miles you use 20 gallons of gas. (600 miles divided by 30 mph =20 gallons)

Now if you use E10 (which is 10% ethanol, 90% gasoline), you car will now require 22 gallons of fuel to do the same trip. Considering that E10 costs as much as regular unleaded, what have you saved? The answer is easy . . . nothing!

E-85 - The Danger They Don't Want You to Know About!

The public has not been told that E-85 is very volatile and quite dangerous . . . instead it is promoted as a clean and renewable "Green" fuel source for the future. (E-85 is composed of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline.)

Danger #1

If you spill one gallon of E-85 and try to wash it away with five gallons of water, you have now created six gallons of highly flammable liquid.

Think about that . . . if a tanker over turns on the highway, your local fire department will have a serious problem on it's hands. Can you imagine thousands of gallons of explosive E-85 running through the sewers under your home or business.

One such accident did occur this year on U.S. I-95 and the raging fire burned out of control and melted a railroad overpass.

Body shops are required to have special equipment and follow special safety and storage precautions when dealing with vehicles using E-85. Also special foam fire extinguishers are required. (Do you have an E-85 vehicle in your garage?)

Danger #2

Many people are now using E-85 in older cars not equipped to burn it thinking that they are somehow benefiting the environment by using it. CAUTION if your car is not designed to run on E-85 DO NOT USE E-85 your car may catch fire (violently).

Danger #3

E-85 and Ethanol are highly corrosive and cannot be transferred through a pipeline and must be stored in special containers until mixed with gasoline. Think about what it is doing to the internal components of your car. (gasoline was engineered to be non-corrosive) Think about a neighbor who may be storing a couple of gallons of E-85 in his garage. How close is his house to yours?

Danger #4

Boats and personal water craft that now use E-85 leak some amount of the fuel into our lakes and rivers . . . See Danger #1. and remember Cleveland Ohio's Cuyahoga River that actually caught fire in 1969 due to industrial pollutants. Do we want that?

Danger #5

Health: New medical studies indicate that fuels like E-85 and Ethanol appear to contribute negatively (a higher risk) to individuals with or a pre-disposition toward respiratory ailments such as asthma.

So why are we being told it's safe? Easy answer . . . there's not much profit in the word "dangerous."

Articles by: Dr. Von Zuko 2009©

There is always a Power Elite:

Throughout the history of man on earth, and in every civilization there has always been a ‘ruling class.’

We may choose to call them by various names, such as, king, queen, chief, lord, president, chairman, premier, bishop, rabbi, or governor (the list is really quite long and distinguished) but regardless of title they are still among the “ruling class.” All societies, regardless of their level of sophistication, economic strength or power have a ruling class. All forms of government or rule “are” controlled by a ruling class.

People are easily fooled (and make bad choices):

Civilizations or countries that “claim” to have had a revolution and to have overthrown the “bad ruling class” . . . still have a ruling class. They have simply traded one ruling class for the other. More frequently than not, history proves that “the people” almost always have made a bad trade. This is almost always because every day average people just don’t understand the concept of power.

"Power to the People" is a myth:

“Power to the people” is always a myth! After all, haven’t you ever noticed that even those individuals ranting through the megaphone “are” in fact the leaders or the aspiring leaders (and yes, they know it, and yes, that is their plan).

“Oh yeah, what about those hippy communes, or religious cults” you ask? Yes, they have a ruling class too, through the very definite pecking order that always emerges . . . they typically just can’t bring themselves to admit it. Someone, however, always ends up with the best room, the best food, the best clothes, the best weed, controls the money and/or gets the most lovers. So don’t be delusional, there is always a ruling class! There is always someone willing (and wanting) to seize power and control.

"Change" sometimes different (but usually not):

Look at the Chinese Cultural Revolution, millions were led to believe that somehow their lives would be (magically) better, if they threw out the existing social order and status quo and embraced change. They were “promised” everyone would be equal. At the end of a very long and violent period of social, political, and economic upheaval all that remained was “the people” (still as poor and even more oppressed as ever) and subject to a very brutish “Iron Fisted” ruling class headed by Chairman Mao. So who won here? Of course Chairman Mao won and he and his cabinets and bureau chiefs lived and ruled like kings, while many of their subjects were nothing more than slave labor (especially any who dared to point out any of the injustices.)

There are literally thousands of historic examples to illustrate the point that . . . there is always a “ruling class.” Literally every so called enlightened political concept or doctrine requires a ruling class to make it work! By very definition the concepts of culture or society (of any description), no mater how primitive or sophisticated, requires some form of organizational structure and an enforced set of rules. Regardless of how natural or ‘free spirited” and benign these rules are portrayed to be, there needs to be enforced rules and structure for the chosen system to exist. (Anarchy never lasts; it collapses on itself and on the people beneath it.)

"Government by the Best:"

Regardless of whether it is a seemingly free and democratic society or a blatantly oppressive regime, there is always a “power elite” in charge and it always operates at the expense of those governed.

In a political system based on a monarchy, and pretty much in any tribal system as well, the basic philosophy is “Government by the Best.” Typically these systems are controlled (sometimes for hundreds of years) by families who, in a long succession, are raised to inherit the power of rule. From birth it is ingrained in them that they are superior to the masses and that to rule is their natural birth right.

The Privileged Few - The Fraternity of Power:

In nearly all of the modern political systems of earth today, whether capitalistic, communistic, socialistic, in ruling philosophy, the oligarchy is the most prevalent form of power structures.

The word oligarchy is from the Greek for "few" and "rule". An oligarchy is a form of government or rule where political, economic and military power effectively rests with a small, elite segment of the society. Oligarchies are nearly always controlled by a few very powerful and influential individuals and/or families united by a common set of goals or beliefs . . . a true “Fraternity of Power.” Within this “Fraternity of Power“ these individuals do still believe in “Government by the Best” and of course they see themselves as the best. Just as was done in an earlier era, the power elite to this day, grooms their children from a very early age to be the inheritors of the power and the rulers of the future.

Even in a governmental system that espouses “free elections” . . . pay close attention! The same family names or affiliations keep appearing again and again over the decades. This is true in any country in the world without exception; there is always a solid connection to the controlling oligarchy.

The Invisible Masters:

History has taught the “new ruling classes” that sometimes being “overtly” in power has too many unpleasant and personal risks (e.g. The French Revolution, The Russian Revolution, The American Revolution, coup d'état, assassinations, etc.) Therefore, in modern governments, those powerful individuals involved in these controlling oligarchies sometimes prefer a much less visible role. They prefer instead to be the “Power behind the Throne.”

Today, while most modern world governments have their presidents, monarchs, premiers, and chairmen, they are considered figure heads. Yes, it’s true, these individuals are in a highly-visible and important positions of power but that is all just part of the illusion . . . they are not the policy and decision makers. It is the powerful and influential people (the oligarchy) who put them there, who expertly and invisibly call all the shots!

Thus oligarchies can control every aspect of their (and our) environment through policies and process that support their own best interests (or those of their allies.) All the while they are careful to create or maintain the illusion that at least some of the interests of the people are being met. It is however, always an issue of the “best interests” of the power elite that matter. After all “they do know best.”

The reality of World Government:

In our modern world of easy international travel and instantaneous communications the most powerful of oligarchies are no longer local or national in scope. There is considerably more interaction and real-time negotiation between the power elite then at any other time in history. Oligarchies have become an instrument of change and transformation. Sharing of power or collaboration on resources (or the exploitation of them) is common place. World government is already a reality . . . the oligarchies just don’t call it that!

War’s, revolutions, up-risings, religious fatwas, embargoes, and boycotts etc. are nearly always due to the power elite being at odds with each other . . . it never has anything to do with the average every-day people under their rule. So regardless of which set of philosophies, theologies, or social/political concepts you follow . . . the only thing that can ever be changed by your blood, sweat, or tears is in helping one faction of the power elite overthrow another oligarchy so that they may have more power.

To believe otherwise is sheer fantasy.

The Global Warming Shell Game and the Pot of Gold Pay Off.

First, let me start by providing some insight into my basic environmental views that may help to set your initial emotional bias to neutral so that you may fairly consider the following perspective.

Do I believe that environmental pollution is a serious and dangerous problem in the world today? Yes I absolutely do, especially in developing nations where they do not yet have the technologies or government policies in place to abate it or control it.

Do I believe that mankind should take environmental pollution seriously and do as much as possible to reverse that condition? Of course, the need to do so is completely obvious and completely logical.

Do I believe that the planet is experiencing climate change and slowly getting warmer? Yes, of course I do. There is solid scientific proof of climatic shift with a trend toward slightly warmer temperatures over the next decade or so. In the last 100 years there has been an overall increase of one half of a degree C.

Do I believe that this slight Global warming phenomena is the direct result of man’s exploitation of the planet’s resources? No, I don’t! Why?

The theory of ‘Global Warming at the Hand of Man,’ is simply not supported by solid or logical scientific evidence. While some may try to tie the two together for greater impact to their story line, the topics of environmental pollution and Global Warming are two, distinctly different issues. Environmental pollution is a straight forward issue, and in most cases, a cause and effect can be easily proven. Additionally, there are measures that can be applied to resolve it.

Global Warming (or Global Cooling) is a natural and cyclical function of our immediate solar system, and very likely, all solar systems. Consider that our sun is a rather dynamic nuclear furnace with very distinct and measurable fluctuations in its output. According to scientists, over the last 17 years the sun has been in a more active state of flux producing higher heat output. As you might suspect, the earth is not the only affected planet.

The southern polar ice cap on Mars has been melting! Not only do scientists see this occurring but amateur backyard astronomers can see it too, on their relatively inexpensive telescopes. That being said, and with all due respect to everyone who believes man is the cause, the last time I checked, Mars does not have any measurable level of industrialization, or even a population for that we are aware of.

Through out its history, the earth has experienced a number of cooling periods resulting in ice ages where much of the planet was buried under massive sheets of mile thick ice and then warming periods that have melted those ice sheets. Because these changes in climate take place over an extremely long period of time, identifying the timing of such climate shift cycles with any level of accuracy is quite difficult.

It may come as a bit of a surprise to you, but contrary to all of the current ‘spin’ over Global Warming, there is actually a very strong body of scientific evidence that suggests that we are entering into a climactic cycle leading into another ice age.

So, if all of this is true, why would so many prominent Politicians and Multi-National Special Interest Groups warn that the disaster of Global Warming is upon us? Why would they promote a near-panic situation so vigorously? Why would they stir up so much emotional fervor and fear? The answer is a pretty basic one, and it follows a very familiar and ‘age old’ adage. Just follow the money!

If you simply put the emotion wrapped around the issue aside for a while, examine the evidence critically and think logically, it should be quite clear to you that they stand to make huge sums of money in the creation of a new economic opportunity. What exactly is this economic opportunity?

Just think about all of the new “Global Warming” remediation and prevention products and services that can be created and sold! Now take a look at where they are investing their own money, or look at the type of companies they own an interest in. Also take a hard look at the huge sums of money some are making from books, films, and speaking engagements on this topic. For good measure, look at their actions as closely as you would consider their words. Are they actually behaving in a manner or living a lifestyle that suggests true concern over the environment? (Actions often do speak louder than words.)

Consider and contrast the Global Warming opportunity to the following historical events that have created staggering wealth and power for the privileged few and those who seized on the opportunity. The introduction of agriculture, the Iron Age, the discovery of oil, the Industrial Revolution, the invention of the steam engine, or the airplane, the automobile, and next “The Global Warming boom.” Quite possibly a few of these folks missed building or increasing their already substantial fortunes during the explosion of the Internet or, at the dawn of the computer age, so they see this as their big chance.

Make no mistake, these are very smart people and they clearly see that by fanning the flames of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) they create an economic opportunity for themselves and their partners. Unfortunately, they know full well that the majority of people will buy off on every word of misinformation they utter and will never do any reading, investigation or critical thinking of their own.

Now let’s not forget involved governments and legislative bodies. What do they have as the big win in all of this? Again the answer is ‘money.’ Through tax assessments on various targeted activities from industrial and energy to consumer consumption, they will grow their treasuries and grant themselves larger staffs, more perks, more bureaucracy, and fat raises for themselves.

“Oh, taxing the large industrial companies . . .that’s a good thing” you say? Unfortunately, no it’s not so good for you. All businesses have to maintain profit margins at a specific level to stay in business (which is why business is always much more efficient and more successful then government.) Simply stated, it is just basic economics, if a business has more cost, such as additional taxes, they ‘always’ pass that cost along to the consumer to maintain their operating margins. This is an absolute and guaranteed certainty, it is always you, the consumer, the citizen, the voter who pays the toll, always.

This is what drives that thing called the ‘Cost of Living Index.’

So regardless of what side of the ‘Global Warming at the Hand of Man’ political movement or debate you might be on, I’d like to encourage you to consider one basic revelation surrounding these high profile (generally very wealthy) leaders or Multi National organizations:

It is not you, your children, your grandchildren, or even the penguins in the Antarctica that they care about. They care about that ‘Pot of Gold Pay Out.’ Maintaining 25,000 or 30,000 square foot estates takes money, a lot of money, and they certainly don’t want to live next door to the rest of us!

It’s always about the gold.

That’s the way the world has worked from the very beginning and it will continue to be that way till the end. Unlike Global Warming, it is not cyclical it is a time honored constant.

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