Monday, April 29, 2013

A short poem by Rudyard Kipling… “It was not part of their blood, it came to them very late, with long arrears to make good, when the Saxon began to hate. They were not easily moved, they were icy – willing to wait til every count should be proved, ere the Saxon began to hate. Their voices were even and low. Their eyes were level and straight. There was neither sign nor show, when the Saxon began to hate. It was not preached to the crowd. It was not taught by the state. No man spoke it aloud when the Saxon began to hate. It was not suddenly bred. It will not swiftly abate. Through the chilled years ahead, when time shall count from the date that the Saxon began to hate.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

See Who's Editing Wikipedia - Diebold, the CIA, a Campaign

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                        By John Borland

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                                CalTech graduate student Virgil Griffith built a search tool that traces IP addresses of those who make Wikipedia changes. 

                                    Photo:&nbsp;Jake Appelbaum


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                <p>On November 17th, 2005, an anonymous Wikipedia user deleted 15 paragraphs from an article on e-voting machine-vendor Diebold, excising an entire section critical of the company's machines. While anonymous, such changes typically leave behind digital fingerprints offering hints about the contributor, such as the location of the computer used to make the edits.
In this case, the changes came from an IP address reserved for the corporate offices of Diebold itself. And it is far from an isolated case. A new data-mining service launched Monday traces millions of Wikipedia entries to their corporate sources, and for the first time puts comprehensive data behind longstanding suspicions of manipulation, which until now have surfaced only piecemeal in investigations of specific allegations.

<a href="">Wikipedia Scanner</a> -- the brainchild of Cal Tech computation and neural-systems graduate student Virgil Griffith -- offers users a searchable database that ties millions of anonymous Wikipedia edits to organizations where those edits apparently originated, by cross-referencing the edits with data on who owns the associated block of internet IP addresses.
Inspired by news last year that Congress members' offices had been editing their own entries, Griffith says he got curious, and wanted to know whether big companies and other organizations were doing things in a similarly self-interested vein.
"Everything's better if you do it on a huge scale, and automate it," he says with a grin.
This database is possible thanks to a combination of Wikipedia policies and (mostly) publicly available information.

The online encyclopedia allows anyone to make edits, but keeps detailed logs of all these changes. Users who are logged in are tracked only by their user name, but anonymous changes leave a public record of their IP address.

<div class="sidebox"> 

<strong>Share Your Sleuthing!</strong></p> 

Cornered any companies polishing up their Wikipedia entries? Spotted any government spooks rewriting history? Try Virgil Griffith's <a href="">Wikipedia Scanner</a> yourself, then <a href="">submit</a> your finds and vote on other readers' discoveries here. 


The organization also allows downloads of the complete Wikipedia, including records of all these changes.
 Griffith thus downloaded the entire encyclopedia, isolating the XML-based records of anonymous changes and IP addresses. He then correlated those IP addresses with public net-address lookup services such as ARIN, as well as private domain-name data provided by
The result: A database of 34.4 million edits, performed by 2.6 million organizations or individuals ranging from the CIA to Microsoft to Congressional offices, now linked to the edits they or someone at their organization's net address has made.
Some of this appears to be transparently self-interested, either adding positive, press release-like material to entries, or deleting whole swaths of critical material.
Voting-machine company Diebold provides a good example of the latter, with someone at the company's IP address apparently <a href="">deleting</a> long paragraphs <a href="">detailing</a> the security industry's concerns over the integrity of their voting machines, and information about the company's CEO's fund-raising for President Bush.
The text, deleted in November 2005, was quickly restored by another Wikipedia contributor, who advised the anonymous editor, "Please stop removing content from Wikipedia. It is considered vandalism."
A Diebold Election Systems spokesman said he'd look into the matter but could not comment by press time. 
Wal-Mart has a series of relatively small changes in 2005 that that burnish the company's image on its own entry while often leaving criticism in, <a href="">changing a line</a> that its wages are less than other retail stores to a note that it pays nearly double the minimum wage, for example. Another leaves activist criticism on community impact intact, while <a href=" ">citing</a> a "definitive" study showing Wal-Mart raised the total number of jobs in a community.
As has been previously reported, politician's offices are heavy users of the system. Former Montana Sen. Conrad Burns' office, for example, apparently changed one critical paragraph headed "A controversial voice" to "A voice for farmers," with predictably image-friendly content following it.
Perhaps interestingly, many of the most apparently self-interested changes come from before 2006, when news of the Congressional offices' edits reached the headlines. This may indicate a growing sophistication with the workings of Wikipedia over time, or even the rise of corporate Wikipedia policies.
</p><p>Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales told Wired News he was aware of the new service, but needed time to experiment with it before commenting.</p> <p>
The vast majority of changes are fairly innocuous, however. Employees at the CIA's net address, for example, have been busy -- but with little that would indicate their place of apparent employment, or a particular bias.
One <a href="">entry</a> on "Black September in Jordan" contains wholesale additions, with specific details that read like a popular history book or an eyewitness' memoir.
Many more are simple copy edits, or additions to local town entries or school histories. One CIA entry deals with the details of lyrics sung in a <cite>Buffy the Vampire Slayer</cite> episode.
Griffith says he launched the project hoping to find scandals, particularly at obvious targets such as companies like Halliburton. But there's a more practical goal, too: By exposing the anonymous edits that companies such as drugs and big pharmaceutical companies make in entries that affect their businesses, it could help experts check up on the changes and make sure they're accurate, he says.
For now, he has just scratched the surface of the database of millions of entries. But he's putting it online so others can look too.
The nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia, did not respond to e-mail and telephone inquiries Monday.

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                    <a href="/politics/security/news/2004/09/65173">Diebold Loses Key Copyright Case</a>

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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Implications of Nazi Animal Protection

Martin G. Hulsey On Usenet, it is generally considered bad form to bring up Nazi Germany in the context of any discussion. This perhaps results from the tendency of some participants to equate their opponents with Nazis in lieu of providing rational arguments. In various fora, we have seen arguments suggesting that Adolph Hitler was a vegetarian. I have seen this suggested numerous times, and, understandably, it usually results in shrill responses from both vegetarians and animal "rights" activists. I have made attempts to investigate these claims, and I have been only marginally successful. It does seem that, at least, Hitler was not a devout vegetarian, if it is appropriate to classify him as such. This brings up the question of what properly justifies that classification. There seems to be a lack of agreement even among self-styled vegetarians. Some call themselves pesco-vegetarians because they eat only fish. Others reject this notion. Curious and fascinating arguments have occurred in regarding the duration of time within which a person must refrain from meat consumption before being a "true" vegetarian. One participant sarcastically noted that even omnivores are vegetarian "between meals." One participant in talk.politics.animals calls himself vegan, yet has admitted that he eats animal products from time to time. As an omnivore, I have little stake in what the consensus definition might be, but I submit that some degree of consistency should be achieved for the sake of argument. If Hitler is not properly classified as a vegetarian because he occasionally ate sausage or squab (assuming that was the case), what are we to make of the self-professed vegans who also backslide on occasions? In my opinion, those who object to Hitler being classified as a vegetarian are taking the wrong approach. It is fallacious to suggest that one infamous person's dietary habits reflect on the character of others who share those habits. One wonders why most vegetarians don't offer that argument. I have noted on numerous occasions that vegetarians will offer the name of some famous vegetarian athlete, scholar, politician or musician as though this implies that dietary regimen is superior. Proponents of such arguments should realize that they are equally fallacious. Acceptance of such anecdotal evidence is a double-edged sword. That Paul McCartney, Leonardo DaVinci, etc. were or are vegetarian in no way implies that vegetarianism is a superior dietary regimen. To suggest otherwise is to make a fallacious appeal to authority. Putting aside for a moment the veracity of calling Hitler a vegetarian, let us consider some claims that have been made to that effect. Sociologists Arnold Arluke and Boria Sax wrote a very interesting article (Anthrozoos 5(1):6-31; 1992) that describes the familiar-sounding rhetoric that leading Nazis used to support vegetarianism. For example: "On one romantic date, his female companion ordered sausage, at which Hitler looked disgusted and said: 'Go ahead and have it, but I don't understand why you want it. I didn't think you wanted to devour a corpse... the flesh of dead animals. Cadavers!'" This is a strange declaration for a man who some claim, without direct evidence, to have a preference for sausage. If Hitler's date did have sausage, it might account for the counterclaim cited by Hitler's biographers (i.e., Rynn Berry) to the effect that He was not vegetarian. However, an account by Hitler's chef that he prepared sausage "for Hitler" may be mistaken and misleading if the sausage was, in fact, consumed by Hitler's female companions, as it obviously was on this one occasion. Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda, noted: "The Fuhrer is deeply religous, though completely anti-Christian. He views Christianity as a symptom of decay. Rightly so. It is a branch of the Jewish race... Both [Judaism and Christianity] have no point of contact to the animal element, and thus, in the end, they will be destroyed. The Fuhrer is a convinced vegetarian, on principle. His arguments cannot be refuted on any serious basis. They are totally unanswerable." Irrespective of whether Hitler, Goebbels or other leading Nazis were, in fact, devout vegetarians, their self-serving rhetoric, claiming the moral high ground, is consistent with that which has appeared from time to time on In that newsgroup, we have seen omnivores characterized as "barbarians," "animal-killers," "murderers," and so forth. Clearly, many contemporary vegetarians regard themselves as ethically superior to omnivores. Claims of ethical superiority are also a characteristic of the contemporary animal "rights" movement. One can hardly find publication from that movement that doesn't beg the question of "cruelty" with respect to practices of research, sport or cuisine. The epithet "cruelty-free" as applied to cosmetics has become popular in AR circles, despite its questionable veracity. Of course, what constitutes cruelty is a subjective matter, and the practices proclaimed as cruel by animal "rights" activists are more often that not legal, despite the existence of laws prohibiting cruelty to animals. Implicit in this preoccupation with being "cruelty-free" is that non-adherents are cruel. As such, the claim of ethical superiority is one indisputable parallel between the Nazi animal protectionists and the modern AR movement. For example, consider the claims of moral superiority and the references to Eastern philosophy that are prevalent in the following translation of a Nazi article that was kindly provided to me by a friend: The following is a translation of document #186 in Medizin im Nationalsozialismus by Walter Wuttke-Groneberg (Rottenberg: Shwaebische Verlagsgesellschaft) 1982. The author of the book believes that this article demonstrated how the Nazi party would gain support by appealing to interest groups whose main concern were issues other than national politics. He also believes that the Nazi's regarded these measures as progressive and he juxtaposes this "reform" with the medical research atrocities in concentration camps. Translator's remarks and literal German words in {}. Vivisection Forbidden in Prussia! The New Germany leads all civilized nations in the area of animal protection! The famous national socialist Graf E. Reventkow published in the Reichswart, the official publication of the "union of patriotic Europeans", the lead article "Protection and Rights {Recht} for the Animal". National Socialism, he writes, has for the first time in Germany begun to show Germans the importance of the individual's {italics} duty toward the animal {end italics}. Most Germans have been raised with the attitude that animals are created by God for the use and benefit of man. The church gets this idea from the Jewish tradition. We have met with not a few clerics who defend this position with utmost steadfastness and vigor, yes one could say almost brutally. Usually they defend their position with the unstated intent of deepening and widening the chasm between man who has soul and soulless (how do they know that?) animals... The friend of animals knows to what inexpressible extent the mutual understanding between man and animal and feelings of togetherness can be developed, and there are many friends of animals in Germany, and also many who cannot accept animal torture out of simple humanitarian reasons. In general however, we still find ourselves in a desert of unfeeling and brutality as well as sadism. There is much to be done and we would first like to address vivisection, for which the words "cultural shame" do not even come close; in fact it must be viewed as a criminal activity. Graf Reventkow presents a number of examples of beastial vivisection crimes and affirms at the end, with mention of Adolph Hitler's sharp anti-vivisectionist positions, our demand that once and for all an end has to be brought to this animal exploitation. We German friends of animals and anti-vivisectionists have placed our hopes upon the Chancellor of the Reich and his comrades in arms who are, as we know, friends of animals. Our trust has not been betrayed! The New Germany brings proof that it is not only the hearth but bringer of a new, higher, more refined, culture: Vivisection, a cultural shame in the whole civilized world, against which the Best in all states have fought in vain for decades, will be banned in the New Germany! A Reich Animal Protection Law which includes a ban on vivisection is imminent and just now comes the news, elating all friends of animals, that the greatest German state, Prussia, has outlawed vivisection with no exceptions! The National Socialist German Workers' Party { NSDAP } press release states: "The Prussian minister-president Goering has released a statement stating that starting 16 August 1933 vivisection of animals of all kinds is forbidden in Prussia. He has requested that the concerned ministries draft a law after which vivisection will be punished with a high penalty *). Until the law goes into effect, persons who, despite this prohibition, order, participate or perform vivisections on animals of any kind will be deported to concentration camps." Among all civilized nations, Germany is thus the first to put an end to the cultural shame of vivisection! The New Germany not only frees man from the curse of materialism, sadism, and cultural Bolshevism, but gives the cruelly persecuted, tortured, and until now, wholly defenseless animals their rights { Recht }. Animal friends and anti-vivisectionists of all states will joyfully welcome this action of the National Socialist government of the New Germany! What Reichschancellor Adolph Hitler and Minister-president Goering have done and will do for the protection of animals should set the course for the leaders of all civilized nations! It is a deed which will bring the New Germany innumerable new elated friends in all nations. Millions of friends of animals and anti-vivisectionists of all civilized nations thank these two leaders from their hearts for this exemplary civil deed! Buddha, the Great loving spirit of the East, says: "He who is kind-hearted to animals, heaven will protect!" May this blessing fulfill the leaders of the New Germany, who have done great things for animals, until the end. May the blessing hand of fate protect these bringers of a New Spirit, until their godgiven earthly mission is fulfilled! R.O.Schmidt *) As we in the meantime have learned, a similar ban has been proclaimed in Bavaria. The formal laws are imminent - thanks to the energetic initiative of our Peoples' chancellor Adolph Hitler, for whom all friends of animals of the world will maintain forever their gratitude, their love, and their loyalty. From: Die Weisse Fahne {The White Flag} 14 (1933) : 710-711. Here we see a writer in a socialist publication explicitly declaring that non-human animals have "rights." Given the absolute control of the press by the NSDAP, this constitutes an official proclamation. In fairness, it should be noted that the proclaimed ban on vivisection was less than absolute in the entire Reich. Some German scientists continued to use animals rather than humans for research despite the threatened penalty. The "antivivisection" law that was actually passed was modeled after an existing British law that did not constitute an absolute ban, despite official proclamations to that effect. Some might seem content to totally dismiss the phenomenon of Nazi animal protection as a propaganda maneuver, but Nazi animal protection ran far deeper than the proclaimed abolition of vivisection. Consider this excerpt from Arluke and Sax (op. cit., p. 9): "The preoccupation with animal protection in Nazi Germany was evident in other social institutions and continued almost until the end of World War II. In 1934, the new government hosted an international conference on animal protection in Berlin. Over the speaker's podium, surrounded by enormous swastikas, were the words "Entire epochs of love will be needed to repay animals for their value and service" (Meyer 1975). In1936 the German Society for Animal Psychology was founded, and in 1938 animal protection was accepted as a subject to be studied in German public schools and universities." Many individuals in Nazi Germany genuinely believed in the "rights" of non-human animals, yet they simultaneously were capable of cruel behavior against members of the Jewish faith. Not only that, but they went as far as using animal protection as a justification for their inhumanity to the Jewish people, as explained by Arluke and Sax. Because the officially-proclaimed absolute ban on vivisection was never codified in the Reichstag, the claim that Germany's ban on vivisection was, in part, a propaganda maneuver has some merit. However, this inconsistency provides yet another parallel to the contemporary animal "rights" movement. The prominent AR organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA, spent (and is still spending) a large sum of money in a fruitless legal attempt to obtain control over the well-known Silver Spring Monkeys. One could argue that this money could have been better spent in other, less newsworthy efforts at animal protection. There are other well-known publicity antics. PETA's penchant for pie-in-the-face publicity stunts has drawn criticism from other AR proponents. For example, Gary Francione was quoted as criticizing PETA for it's "Three Stooges" approach to animal protection. Thus, like animal protectionist elements of the Third Reich, it seems that some components of the contemporary AR movement are, in part, highly motivated by considerations of public relations and propaganda. Another point that could be made regarding Nazi animal protectionists is that they were inconsistent in their actions. When juxtaposed against the pronouncement of a ban on vivisection and claims of ethical superiority, the treatment of the Jewish people and hideous medical experiments that were conducted are arguably inconsistent. Arluke and Sax offered additional examples that illustrate the inconsistent actions of the alleged "...friends of animals..." in Nazi Germany. Once again, however, we encounter another parallel with the contemporary AR movement. At the same time that PETA was expending large sums of money to obtain custody of the Silver Spring Monkeys, they killed 32 "liberated" rabbits and roosters at their Aspin Hill animal "sanctuary" for reasons of "overcrowding." One wonders why a portion of their multi-million dollar annual budget could not have been used to provide suitable housing for those animals. There is considerable evidence of acceptance of animal "rights" by officials of the Third Reich, who have proven to be some of the most heinous villians of our century. They loved those non-human animals, though. In Nazi Germany, practices such as vivisection were characterized as Jewish (by relating them to the ritual of kosher slaughter) and thereby vilified. Subsequently, reverence for the "rights" of animals was used to justify the oppression of Jewish people. It is not my purpose to equate contemporary animal "rights" activists with Nazis. Although there are clear parallels, there are distinctions as well. However, whenever animal activists argue today that giving rights to animals will produce a kinder, gentler society, it is perfectly appropriate to point out that the only modern civilization to officially embrace a philosophy of animal rights did not turn out to be more kind or more gentle.
The Cause of Nazism ominous parallels book coverHere is the theory: "It is thus necessary that the individual should finally come to realize that his own ego is of no importance in comparison with the existence of his nation; that the position of the individual ego is conditioned solely by the interests of the nation as a whole ... that above all the unity of a nation's spirit and will are worth far more than the freedom of the spirit and will of an individual...." "This state of mind, which subordinates the interests of the ego to the conservation of the community, is really the first premise for every truly human culture.... The basic attitude from which such activity arises, we call-to distinguish it from egoism and selfishness-idealism. By this we understand only the individual's capacity to make sacrifices for the community, for his fellow men." These statements were made in our century by the leader of a major Western nation. His countrymen regarded his view point as uncontroversial. His political program implemented it faithfully. The statements were made by Adolf Hitler. He was explaining the moral philosophy of Nazism. And here is the ultimate practice (as described by William Shirer in The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich): "The gas chambers themselves [at Auschwitz] and the adjoining crematoria, viewed from a short distance, were not sinister-looking places at all; it was impossible to make them out for what they were. Over them were well-kept lawns with flower borders; the signs at the entrances merely said BATHS. The unsuspecting Jews thought they were simply being taken to the baths for the delousing which was customary at all camps. And taken to the accompaniment of sweet music! "For there was light music. An orchestra of 'young and pretty girls all dressed in white blouses and navy-blue skirts,' as one survivor remembered, had been formed from among the inmates. While the selection was being made for the gas chambers this unique musical ensemble played gay tunes from The Merry Widow and Tales of Hoffmann. Nothing solemn and somber from Beethoven. The death marches at Auschwitz were sprightly and merry tunes, straight out of Viennese and Parisian operetta. "To such music, recalling as it did happier and more frivolous times, the men, women and children were led into the 'bath houses,' where they were told to undress preparatory to taking a 'shower.' Sometimes they were even given towels. "Once they were inside the 'shower-room' — and perhaps this was the first moment that they may have suspected some thing was amiss, for as many as two thousand of them were packed into the chamber like sardines, making it difficult to take a bath — the massive door was slid shut, locked and hermetically sealed. Up above where the well-groomed lawn and flower beds almost concealed the mushroom-shaped lids of vents that ran up from the hall of death, orderlies stood ready to drop into them the amethyst-blue crystals of hydrogen cyanide.... "Surviving prisoners watching from blocks nearby remembered how for a time the signal for the orderlies to pour the crystals down the vents was given by a Sergeant Moll. 'Na, gib ihnen schon zu fressen' ('All right, give 'em something to chew on'), he would laugh and the crystals would be poured through the openings, which were then sealed. "Through heavy-glass portholes the executioners could watch what happened. The naked prisoners below would be looking up at the showers from which no water spouted or perhaps at the floor wondering why there were no drains. It took some moments for the gas to have much effect. But soon the inmates became aware that it was issuing from the perforations in the vents. It was then that they usually panicked, crowding away from the pipes and finally stampeding toward the huge metal door where, as Reitlinger puts it, 'they piled up in one blue clammy blood-spattered pyramid, clawing and mauling each other even in death.' " [...]

JIM MARRS rise of 4th. Reich in USA

The Ominous Parallels By Leonard Peikoff > The Ominous Parallels

with an Introduction by Ayn Rand   

ominous parallels logo 1
ominous parallels logo 2
"If you do not wish to be a victim of today's philosophical bankruptcy, I recommend The Ominous Parallels as protection and ammunition. It will protect you from supporting, unwittingly, the ideas that are destroying you and the world."  

— Ayn Rand

The Oninous parallels by Leonard Peikoff 
Each of the philosophic principles essential to the rise of Nazism in Germany has a counterpart in present-day America.

Is the freest country on earth moving toward totalitarian dictatorship? What were the factors that enabled the Nazis to seize power in pre-war Germany? Do those same conditions exist in America today?

These are the questions raised — and answered, with frightening clarity — by Leonard Peikoff, Ayn Rand's intellectual heir, in his powerful book The Ominous Parallels.

ominous parallels book cover"We are drifting to the future, not moving purposefully," Peikoff warns. "But we are drifting as Germany moved, in the same direction, for the same kind of reason."

Some of the "ominous parallels" between pre-Hitler Germany and the United States that Peikoff identifies are:
  • Liberals who demand public control over the use and disposal of private property — social security, more taxes, more government control over the energy industry, medicine, broadcasting, etc.
  • Conservatives who demand government control over our intellectual and moral life — prayer in the schools, literary censorship, government intervention in the teaching of biology, the anti-abortion movement, etc.
  • Political parties devoid of principles or direction and moved at random by pressure groups, each demanding still more controls.
  • A "progressive," anti-intellectual educational system that, from kindergarten to graduate school, creates students who can't read or write — students brainwashed into the feeling that their minds are helpless and they must adapt to "society," that there is no absolute truth and that morality is whatever society says it is.
  • A student radical movement (from the 1960's through the violent anti-nukers and ecology fanatics of today) who are, Peikoff maintains, the "pre-Hitler youth movement resurrected." The radicals are nature worshippers who attack the middle class, science, technology, and business.
  • The rise of defiant old-world racial hatreds disguised as "ethnic-identity" movements and "affirmative action."
  • A pervasive atmosphere of decadence, moral bankruptcy, and nihilist art accompanied by the rise of escapist mystic cults of every kind — astrology, "alternative medicine," Orientalists, extrasensory perception, etc.
In an introduction to Peikoff's book, Ayn Rand describes The Ominous Parallels as, "the first book by an Objectivist philosopher other than myself" and goes on to say that, "If you do not wish to be a victim of today's philosophical bankruptcy, I recommend The Ominous Parallels as protection and ammunition. It will protect you from supporting, unwittingly, the ideas that are destroying you and the world."

In brilliantly reasoned prose, Peikoff argues that the deepest roots of German Nazism lie not in existential crises, but in ideas — not in Germany's military defeat in World War I or the economic disasters of the Weimar Republic that followed, but in the philosophy that dominated pre-Nazi Germany. Although it was mediated by crises, Peikoff demonstrates that German Nazism was the inevitable climax of a centuries-long philosophic development, preaching three fundamental ideas: the worship of unreason, the demand for self-sacrifice and the elevation of society or the state above the individual.

"These ideas," Peikoff says, "are the essence of Nazism and they are exactly what our leading universities are now spreading throughout this country. This is the basic cause of all the other parallels."


Copyright © 2010 Leonard Peikoff. All rights reserved. May not be reproduced in any form or manner whatsoever without the express permission of Leonard Peikoff. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

END the SMEERS of FREEMASONS! Hitler Genocided THEM also

End the Smears of Masons - Hitler Sent Them to "Camp" Too
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End the Smears of Masons - Hitler Sent Them to "Camp" Too (I'm Not a Mason, Don't Work for Them)

Let me make clear I am not and never have been a Mason, have no family, personal, business or professional connection with them, no contacts at all. I don't work for the Masons and they don't pay me a dime, don't know I'm writing this, I never use any talking points, theirs or anybody else's. My ideas are entirely my own and I only post on my own initiative, nobody ever puts me up to anything.

Fact is, I don't share the philosophy, ideas or theology of the Masons, and would never join them or any like minded group or club.

All that said, I'm sick of seeing the endless demonizing of these law abiding, harmless people who do good works worldwide.

It is a little known fact that, along with Jewish people and Gypsies, Masons were another group of people Hitler targeted for his Nazi Holocaust.

In Germany and any nation he conquered, his thugs went over hall records and rounded up anybody they could find, at least those who refused to recant. Eventually, they took showers too. The number of murder victims is not known by me, but it is high.

The people who now scream and post hateful raw excrement about a Masonic (or Illuminati) of "World Order" where Masons enslave us all and rule the whole globe in some sort of wicked Darth Vader tyranny are just a modern version of those same jack booted fascist stormtroopers.

The Masons are not my favorite people, truth be told, but cease this smear campaign and persecution of honest, decent citizens.

If I don't speak out for people whom nihilist swine try to slime, nobody will speak up when they assault me.

That means you, too, Truthers, among many others - "truth" does not mean ugly slinging of stinking filth and baseless accusations.

Masons are just ordinary folks who meet in halls and practice rituals, an example being former President Gerald Ford.

Though I'm a Democrat, Ford always struck me as a decent man worthy of respect.

PS One web cite, see link below, estimated that, in Germany alone, conservative estimate, 80,000 Masons died in concentration camps during Nazi rule 1933-45. This does not include many other Masonic victims in several other European nations overrun by Hitler in the war, nor does it count mass executions by fellow fascists Franco in Spain and Mussolini in Italy. The Nazis accused Masons of colluding to create a "world order" similar tro the rhetoric used by Truthers today, and also accused Masons of working with Jewish people to achieve such goals to justify the murder of both. In today's world post 9/11, I urge even Truthers to reject the hate speech that some in their ranks hurl against both Masons and Jewish people.
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goddam liars (and don't act surprised) Answer to Hillary Clinton as to why it matters: You and the president lied. The story begins on Friday, September 14, when then-CIA director David Petraeus briefed the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence about the Benghazi attack three days earlier. The CIA's notes for that briefing included information about five previous attacks on foreign interests in Benghazi since April 2012; potential links to the al Qaeda connected Libyan militia, Ansar al-Sharia; previous CIA assessments of groups linked to al Qaeda in eastern Libya; and information suggesting Islamic extremists participated in the attack, according to the report. But then the editing process began later that day on September 14, "[w]hen draft talking points were sent to officials throughout the Executive Branch, [and] senior State Department officials requested the talking points be changed to avoid criticism for ignoring the threat environment in Benghazi," the report charges. The report quotes one email saying there was concern that members of Congress would attack the State Department for "not paying attention to Agency warnings" regarding the mounting threat in Benghazi. A meeting convened by the White House on Saturday suggested further edits to the talking points, according to the report. While a senior CIA official eventually changed the talking points, the report says those changes were made at the behest of the White House and the State Department. "Those edits struck any and all suggestions that the State Department had been previously warned of threats in the region, that there had been previous attacks in Benghazi by al-Qaeda-linked groups in Benghazi and eastern Libya, and that extremists linked to al-Qaeda may have participated in the attack on the Benghazi Mission," according to the report. On Sunday the new talking points were provided to the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, who based her comments about the attack on major Sunday news shows on September 16 on the newly edited talking points. Rice ended up suggesting that the lethal assault on the Benghazi compound was spurred by a demonstration against an anti-Muslim Internet video. The State Department's own accountability review board eventually acknowledged last year that there was no demonstration the night the Benghazi compound was raided and set ablaze. Democrats are dismissing the "partisan report" and the White House claims that they were forthcoming in trying to satisfy Republican investigators. But the inescapable conclusion is that the talking points were altered for political reasons and that the White House sought to protect Hillary Clinton who refused to beef up security at the diplomatic mission in Beghazi despite numerous warnings: Administration officials have told Congress and said publicly that one reason the talking points were changed was to protect classified information. The Republican report, however, said there was no evidence to support that charge. "There were no concerns about protecting classified information in the email traffic," the report said. The report also notes that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed an April 19, 2012 cable offering a plan to scale back security assets for the U.S. missions in Libya, including Benghazi. While the report is damning, it's release while interest in the Boston bombings is still intense guarantees it won't see much coverage in the press. Even without the competition with the bombing story, it isn't likely that the report would garner many headlines. The fact is, the White House and President Obama have successfully stonewalled the truth about Benghazi and despite ample proof that they lied, no one in the media seems very interested in calling them out for it. Location: and don't act surprised

How The CATTLE are HERDED into the SLAUGHTERHOUSE (You are the CATTLE)

re:How The CATTLE are HERDED into the SLAUGHTERHOUSE (You are the CATT
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re:How The CATTLE are HERDED into the SLAUGHTERHOUSE (You are the CATT

1)who started and embraced globalization, to the detriment of American manufacturing ? The Global elitist group at Davos

2)Remember, if America lacks intrinsic economic growth an economy can grow thru extrinsic growth (i.e. wars of conquest, mergers and acquisitions).

We will attack Iran !!!!

3)99% of American are sheep. Go to any DMV and notice how the public quietly stands in the lines just to get a ticket to stand in line !! After standing in line for 12 minutes, I raised my voice and got instant support from the DMV office mgr.

4)ENFORCERS (police) to insure more docile sheep. More trivial laws are being made daily, more cops are giving trivial tickets daily. Why ? Govt is broke and so the masses can lose their 'pioneering American DNA" and get used to subserviency.

But you know, even if you inform people....99% of the people just don't care. The majority of people do NOT aspire to become a worl thinker. The majority just want to watch sports and enjoy their perceived stable lifestyle. WHile the really smart just pursue acquiring wealth.

So in turn....the world population is getting what they will accept.

4) Illegal immigrants make even more docile sheep.

How The CATTLE are HERDED into the SLAUGHTERHOUSE (You are the CATTLE)
What I try and do is to bring the past to the present to show you you're living through a big, big long-term business plan. Nothing is left to chance by those who already ruled the world a long time ago and they even gave you an idea called democracy to keep you from having rebellions every few years. You vote the present bunch out and you get a new guy in and you have hope that they'll be different from the last bunch. But it's one agenda because every group that comes in, party that comes in, in every country, signs all these treaties and agreements with the United Nations and with various organizations associated with them, and they become binding and they are running our lives. Private companies and charities and foundations basically, all run by the foundations, are running our lives. And the foundations themselves are the fronts for the big international money bank boys that got together to form the Royal Institute for International Affairs a long time ago, also called the Council on Foreign Relations. It has branches across the world; all top politicians are members of it. All the leaders definitely are. And their own historian with their own version of history verified that too, Carroll Quigley.
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How The CATTLE are HERDED into the SLAUGHTERHOUSE (You are the CATTLE)

What I try and do is to bring the past to the present to show you you're living through a big, big long-term business plan. Nothing is left to chance by those who already ruled the world a long time ago and they even gave you an idea called democracy to keep you from having rebellions every few years. You vote the present bunch out and you get a new guy in and you have hope that they'll be different from the last bunch. But it's one agenda because every group that comes in, party that comes in, in every country, signs all these treaties and agreements with the United Nations and with various organizations associated with them, and they become binding and they are running our lives. Private companies and charities and foundations basically, all run by the foundations, are running our lives. And the foundations themselves are the fronts for the big international money bank boys that got together to form the Royal Institute for International Affairs a long time ago, also called the Council on Foreign Relations. It has branches across the world; all top politicians are members of it. All the leaders definitely are. And their own historian with their own version of history verified that too, Carroll Quigley.

So we are living through a planned agenda and the Brave New World they are bringing in is not a nice happy world of multiculturalism and friends across the sea and all that, it's the opposite, it's eugenics, it's depopulation for a society that is post-industrial for the vast majority of the public. And they are bringing in a society of high tech to manage basically, the few very elite families across the world. They don't need so many laborers anymore and workers for this high tech society. And they claim that too many people anyway are unproductive, and just like farm animals you don't keep them around once they stop producing milk if they're cows. You get rid of them; that's what they're doing to the public. Now it's time to convince the public to go along with it and see it their way, that you know we really should just give ourselves up for the euthanasia pill, and be sterilized too, and do the right thing. They call it "doing the right thing" actually. Some of the top eugenicists have come out openly and talked about altering our genes to make us do the right thing. In other words whatever the government tells you to do, you will do. And this is not science fiction; we're in it. This is mainstream stuff. And they can come out with it now because they have the public so brainwashed, shell shocked, and dizzy and dumb, that they can actually say this in the open. And there are no riots in the streets or anything going on. People who are coming out talking about killing us off are getting away with it and the public are not responding at all. It's quite something to live through this. We are the best-informed slaves that have ever existed. And this is the scientific dictatorship because the sciences are ruling your minds, all of your minds and your bodies now too through your food and vaccinations. And Huxley for instance said the same thing, that such a dictatorship could last forever. There would be no reason to see it overthrown. Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks. We're back Cutting Through the Matrix and as I said you know we are living through an amazing time in history where we are overloaded with data to begin with. We're meant to watch data day by day and be downloaded. It doesn't matter how much data you consume, your head is going to delete most of it anyway because you can't handle it all, it's overload of data. And the big boys themselves including Sunstein and others who are into neurosciences have mentioned this, that the average person can't handle it. And what they try and do every day is to get you addicted to following them actually, to actually following what they're doing and it creates fear in you. And fear itself makes you addicted; you will tune in the next day to get more fear. That's a fact because otherwise you think your life might be at stake if you miss something. So fear is addictive and they know this at the top. It can make you actually listen to more, find out more and more fear. Basically you know the big agenda. The big agenda was written out a long time ago. And the big players involved in the making of the agenda right down to intergenerational changes right up to the present time where we'd be. And these guys lived back in the 1930's, 40's, up to the 1970's and wrote their books about it. They gave us the present culture and even the culture to come. They're not finished yet. And so they have destroyed everything that bonded people together, from the family unit to the local communities and so on. It's all been replaced by government agencies as they said, to take care of the fallout and of course that's power over the people. It standardizes the power as well; it makes it uniform across not just countries but the whole world now under UNICEF and various other United Nations programs. And they're on a roll into the scientific rearing of children, etcetera. As I mentioned last night Scotland is a test bed for it, basically from pre-birth, neonatal, to your whole life through. They're going to monitor you with psychologists and psychiatrists and behavior modification experts and all the rest of it to make sure that every child is completely manufactured, the closest you can get to Huxley's "Brave New World" idea without actually going into cloning.

So we're living through an agenda that was spelled out in detail a long time ago. The rest of it is filler. Now the wars I've mentioned before are actually perpetual wars. The military's magazine itself, Parameters magazine, came out with that years ago, this is now perpetual war. So for the rest of your lives get used to perpetual war because there is a whole list of countries large and small to take out yet over many, many, many years. And they've also reared in the West the soldiers. They have reared them with x-boxes and all the different video games to make sure that they will join the military for fun and action and all of that kind of thing. And they've got no end of recruits actually. They have no problem with recruits.

So everything is planned that way, even altering society to suit the times that are coming. It's interesting if you go into the books written by Bernays who was the guy who, he was trained by experts behind the scenes. You never have someone like an expert that truly comes out of nowhere. They always say that he's a genius and all this stuff, like Freud and Einstein; these guys are fronts for organizations that already exist. And when you read Bernays' stuff, this guy understood the human psychology and psychiatry better than even modern psychologists do and psychiatrists because he was trained by the best people who had studied populations down generations in different countries for thousands of years. And he mentioned all of this too, he said something called social adjustment, that's part of the propagandists' (or public relations as they call it now) schedule, is to alter the clientele. Not just the product you are selling to them or the idea you are selling to them, you alter the clientele to suit you and what you're selling them. Part of that is to do with propaganda in school of course; that's how you are prepped for subsequent propaganda throughout your whole life. And you swallow what you're told in school including your fake histories, and of course anything down the road that contradicts it you will think is crazy or a conspiracy theory. It works very well. So you're primed for subsequent propaganda by schooling. That's an essential part of it, as Jacques Ellul said as well. We're all trained that way.

So as I say the main thing is you're living through a planned agenda. It's completely eugenical in its essence and they're on a roll now. Don't get into the arguments even over climate change for instance. What they give you is an agenda they have. Climate change is an excuse to bring in a big agenda. Global Warming is a big excuse to bring in the agenda. As I've said many times before, the Club of Rome came out with this agenda. They were given the task by the United Nations -- it's on their own website, and they've got their own book out on it too, from the Club of Rome -- to find a way to unite the world and to make the people go under authority, to take on an authoritarian type of world government. And the best way to do it of course is a war situation. And they blamed man as being at war with the planet you see. That would fit the bill, they said, global warming, pestilence, starvation, drought would fit the bill. Out of all the other things they looked at that's what they chose. That's why nothing is going to change it. So you can use all the logic and reality and reasoning you want, it won't make any difference. It's the same with the ongoing wars, "Oh they shouldn't do that because," or "we know that the U.S. or Britain is instigating it"; we know all that. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter one bit. And folk get caught up in the arguing down below, trying to use reason, rather than saying this is the agenda, it's written in stone and regardless of the excuse they use they're going to go ahead with it. And they do go ahead with it. It's as simple as that. So as I say we're the best informed slaves that ever existed and yet there are so many techniques still played on us to get us caught up in it as well so that we can't reason properly.

I've mentioned before that when you watch a horror movie for instance, it's a very simple recipe. All movies are recipes, formulas and you can use the same ones over and over again. And with horror movies you always identify with the people in it. The guy generally with the guy, at least it used to be in the old days, and the girl with the woman, the heroine. And you see them, their lives are in danger, your blood pressure goes up, your pulse goes up, and you identify with the situation they're in. Even if it's a lousy movie you'll watch it to the end because the primitive part of your brain is adapted to that, to look out for injury to yourself, for guarding your own life, fight or flight and all that. And so you can't turn your head away from it. So in other words it's the same technique that's used for fear and mainstream is full of fear you see. It keeps you on edge every day.

You understand total control always uses fear from governments. And to control people, especially when you're fleecing them as well, because you are in a system of a tiny minority of them and all the rest of you. Believe you, that's as simple as that. That's how they talk about themselves at the top. And that little bunch at the top are living off all of you. They've lived awfully well for an awful long time. And the technique is to use fear, uncertainty for losing your home, your job, and all the rest of it. So many uncertainties. All these added fears and worries. And they keep you going up and down. They haven't given a generation peace for well over a couple of hundred years. Not a single generation has had peace and they don't intend to. And the reason for it being, if you're at peace for a while you will grudgingly move from the field that you're chewing in, the cud, when they try to get you to move to another field with less grass in it and chew the cud. You will be indignant you see. So they keep you moving all the time. And even in their own books to do with warfare, manuals and so on and writings by experts over the last couple of hundred years, they have mentioned this fact. It's very difficult to start a population that are healthy and happy and content and self-sufficient. So you take away their self-sufficiency and then you've got them on edge. Now they have to really worry every day; do I have that job at the end of the week, do I not have it, do I have the house at the end of the week, do I not have it? Can I pay the rent? Can I pay the mortgage? Whatever it happens to be. They've got you going up and down. And now they've got you with this global casino of the stock market where everything apart we're told, we're supposed to believe everything is up on it you see and it's all run by experts that have crashed us many times, plundered us, you can't count how many times. And of course they're going to do it again, and again, and again. And then the eventual outcome of it will be austerity. It's all your fault. All of you were complicit in causing this to happen. Because they always blame the victim, that's what the abuser does, always. And the trick with this one is, is that we're trained to look at the perpetrators as experts to help us out of the mess that they claim that we've created. Isn't that wonderful? This is psychological warfare. It's a perfected science. Very old science and you're taught in every generation that the system you're born into is normal because your parents probably didn't know it wasn't. Their indoctrination worked on them.

Now as I say we're the most informed slaves that have ever existed and of course the problem is, what do you do about it. And everyone has got a lot of different ideas of what you do about it. The one thing is you can never say we should do this because never in history have the public all got together in any country and stood up collectively against anything. It doesn't happen. It hasn't happened. It won't happen, it's not human nature.

Those who are doing better than others are the last ones to try it because they'll think well I'm okay Jack. That's how it works too. The ones at the bottom always get hit first, and even they are chaotic even amongst themselves. So, you'll never get the collective to stand up together and do the right thing on anything actually. It just doesn't happen. Dzerzhinsky was one of the top guys for the Soviet system and he said the same thing in his day because they had already done it on the Ukrainians and the people in Russia, they starved millions to death on purpose. And he says will the people ever rebel against the Soviet system, the Bolshevik system? He says, "No". He says, "You can beat them", he says, "You can starve them", he says, "You can put their backs against the wall to shoot them. Will they turn round and fight?" He says, "No, they'll turn round and eat their dead". Now that's a sad statement but it's awfully true and government counts on that. All governments, all tyrannies count on that, all of them. That's nature. So you have to find other ways around this, even for yourselves. And don't always say 'we' or 'all of us'. Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks. I'm back, we're Cutting Through the Matrix and I've been going on about depopulation agendas that are out in the open today and that are blossoming actually all the time. There is more and more every day but this one is similar to the one I read yesterday and the day before. It's similar but it goes a bit further in some areas. The:

"2011 report, funded by the European Commission and World Wildlife Fund,"

Alan: Now the World Wildlife Fund is a private foundation again. The foundations run the world you understand.

". . .models draconian population control measures, personal carbon taxes,"

Alan: I said that years ago, the whole point is we're all going to go under this con of carbon taxes which is the big stick for control, for control purposes. It's nothing to do with carbon in the atmosphere or anything else. It's for control purposes. And believe you me, that is going to be one of the biggest sticks that they have, right down to personal consumption of food and everything.

". . .government-controlled media, and the legalization of voluntary and assisted suicide in all EU countries."

Alan: That's under this super-soviet parliament they have for all over the EU now.

"The EU-funded think tank project named the One Planet Economy Network produced a document in 2011 which has received no attention at all in mainstream or alternative media outlets. Until now, that is. The document titled Scenarios towards a One Planet Economy in Europe. . ."

Alan: And I'll put the link up at tonight.

". . .consists of several scenarios or "paths" which the EU may follow to reach an envisioned "One Planet Economy"."

Alan: "One Planet Economy". See, you understand, I've said before your countries are big businesses. Your bosses at the top see the country with all of the little businesses as one business. That's how they see it. And now it's "One Planet Economy".

"Funded by the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme. . ."

Alan: It sounds just like something out of the Soviet Union.

". . .and the World Wildlife Fund the document meticulously follows an Agenda 21-type scenario."

Alan: This is the agenda for the 21st century.

"Within the document, saturated with terms like "sustainability" and "ecological footprint", the author's outline four different paths towards what the group describes as a "one planet economy". As is stated at the very beginning of the report: There are four narratives that provide alternative, albeit not necessarily ideal, visions of the transition toward a One Planet Economy in Europe by 2050."
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