Thursday, April 25, 2013

END the SMEERS of FREEMASONS! Hitler Genocided THEM also

End the Smears of Masons - Hitler Sent Them to "Camp" Too
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Posted: 2013-04-25, 8:27AM PDT

End the Smears of Masons - Hitler Sent Them to "Camp" Too (I'm Not a Mason, Don't Work for Them)

Let me make clear I am not and never have been a Mason, have no family, personal, business or professional connection with them, no contacts at all. I don't work for the Masons and they don't pay me a dime, don't know I'm writing this, I never use any talking points, theirs or anybody else's. My ideas are entirely my own and I only post on my own initiative, nobody ever puts me up to anything.

Fact is, I don't share the philosophy, ideas or theology of the Masons, and would never join them or any like minded group or club.

All that said, I'm sick of seeing the endless demonizing of these law abiding, harmless people who do good works worldwide.

It is a little known fact that, along with Jewish people and Gypsies, Masons were another group of people Hitler targeted for his Nazi Holocaust.

In Germany and any nation he conquered, his thugs went over hall records and rounded up anybody they could find, at least those who refused to recant. Eventually, they took showers too. The number of murder victims is not known by me, but it is high.

The people who now scream and post hateful raw excrement about a Masonic (or Illuminati) of "World Order" where Masons enslave us all and rule the whole globe in some sort of wicked Darth Vader tyranny are just a modern version of those same jack booted fascist stormtroopers.

The Masons are not my favorite people, truth be told, but cease this smear campaign and persecution of honest, decent citizens.

If I don't speak out for people whom nihilist swine try to slime, nobody will speak up when they assault me.

That means you, too, Truthers, among many others - "truth" does not mean ugly slinging of stinking filth and baseless accusations.

Masons are just ordinary folks who meet in halls and practice rituals, an example being former President Gerald Ford.

Though I'm a Democrat, Ford always struck me as a decent man worthy of respect.

PS One web cite, see link below, estimated that, in Germany alone, conservative estimate, 80,000 Masons died in concentration camps during Nazi rule 1933-45. This does not include many other Masonic victims in several other European nations overrun by Hitler in the war, nor does it count mass executions by fellow fascists Franco in Spain and Mussolini in Italy. The Nazis accused Masons of colluding to create a "world order" similar tro the rhetoric used by Truthers today, and also accused Masons of working with Jewish people to achieve such goals to justify the murder of both. In today's world post 9/11, I urge even Truthers to reject the hate speech that some in their ranks hurl against both Masons and Jewish people.
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Posted: 2013-04-25, 8:27AM PDT

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