Thursday, January 1, 2015

Today 2015 American Puppets of a Dying Nation (United States of America)


Today 2015 Americans are ignorant of the World around them.Most Americans are programmed by US Corporate/Government "Dumbing-Down" Internet Search Engine News sites or TV,radio,magazines and newspapers.Therefore the common American is aware of very little real information and is spoonfed a few news stories which always begin with some violent crime and real truth of life is censored.America is a mediocre Culture at best and a mind-controlled fascist, psychopathic police-state in true reality.The American is mostly bombarded with entertainment (celebrity) and sports programming.The Modern American has been successfully dumbed-down by their Corporate Masters.North Americans are a real-life "Idiocracy". In the Information Age, Corporations promote the dumbing-down of Americans and own the minds of Americans based on the ability to get them addicted to programming (celebrity or sports culture) thus creating a 'mind slave' .American Women are brainwashed with Celebrity Gossip and Reality Tv Programs while the Men are brainwashed with Sports and Violence.As the American becomes addicted to the programming they become easier to control.At this point the American is no longer searching out 'real information' for themselves and have become a pawn in the game.Americans lack the intellectual ability to respect or understand that Nature is the source of the Gift of Life.This is a result of Cultural ignorance,failed Educational system,human over-population leading to Natural resource collapse,a lack of industrial progress due to corporate greed and a failed Business system of severe Economic disparity.Americans behave more like a mindless virus than a living spiritual being with a large brain with the ability to reason.Modern Americans simply want to dominate Nature at all costs and this is most evident in their collective decision to be ignorant of the Environment.Instead of being "Aware Human Beings" or what is called "mindfulness", the current Youth and Adult Culture has chosen an obsession with themselves and celebrities via Social Media and accepted corporate brainwashing without protest.This has created a complete failure in Modern Society as it has removed any checks and balance to Social Ignorance, Political Corruption and Corporate Greed.Wake Up "The result is a World of suffering and Death...Signs of the Times" "Today" 2015 News Report

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