Saturday, April 4, 2015

Your Amplifier is Beyong Repair, john.

A Junk Roland that still Makes Noises.

Sounds Like a PHONOGRAFT AMPLIFRYER from $24.95 Sears-Roebuck Record Player, one 50ax7 & a 50C3 Rectifer. But it is Weird From Amp Computer.

Your amp is just not going to be worth repairing. As I was digging into it again yesterday, it started to make some crazy ultra high-frequency noises. On the scope they looked like artifacts leaking over from the clock circuit for the CPU & DSP chips. After that, silence. The main audio stops at the little amplifier IC. Goes in, doesn't come out. All other voltages and controls ok. That little chip is now fried too, apparently. While the chip itself is "only" about $4, it would have to be ordered and installed (lots of time) and then it still isn't clear if the amp would be totally fixed at that point. (In fact, I'm pretty sure that the core problem is in the DSP, which would be expensive to obtain and difficult to replace.)
Sadly, I think you should just chuck it.
I can do that for you, unless you want the carcass for yourself.
Oh, and no charge. I wouldn't want to take your money for not fixing it.

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