Wednesday, May 6, 2015

And now, a Glimpse into Events not Reported on TV

The Real Life shown, which is Just South of where I Sit, writing the HOLOCAUST FILES, shows How the Great WHORE of the BOOK OF THE PERPLEXED....or The Revealations Of Saint John the Hebrew Hobo, also known as APOCLYPSE of THE JOHN of INFINITE GOODLINGINS.

These Events Happing to Happen Yesterday, I Receive a "HOMELESS TO HOMELESS TELEPATHIC "Beam Me Up, Scotty" Type REVEALATORESS which I ReProduct Here, (I Do Not Own this Clip. It was Sent By Spirit Cats (Feline Goddesses in the Astral Plain, Plane Jane is my SPIRIT CAT WOMAN contaxter; I ONLY USED 2 Minutes as a SELF EXPLAINING on HOW THE ENTIRE WORLD WAS TURNED UPPER SIDE DOWNERLY!

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