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RE: Michael Turnipseed, local infamous : his roots (napa county) hide this posting (google map)

The Above Photos show the" OLD RAILROAD RABBI,"

BELOW:""The Turtle that Cannot Walk,"" : John MichaelTurnipseed.

Life Lived Well is It's Own Reward. To Resist Evil is to have a Conscience, YOU are the EVIL, your Secret Thoughts are YOUR EVIL INCLINATION, to Not Dwell upon YOUR Thoughts of Evil, makes YOU the GOOD "Aura" walking around. Considering how your Actions might Hurt Another Living Being means being Sentient, Conscious of Other's Feelings and to Consciously Refrain from Hurt, as all Living Creatures, Plants, and Minerals are SENTIENT BEINGS!

I met Michael Turnipseed in Atascadero Forensic State Hospital, 1988, he was 18 Years Old. I had read Heinlein's Hugo Award Winning book: "Stranger In A Strange Land," and having reread it, I See Turnipseed Incorporated this Science Fiction Novel into his Psychosis.

About the 1961 Novel here from a Reviewer:

Mike can make people disappear, he can do magic, he has near infinite wealth, he can change what he looks like, he's great in bed. . . Then out of nowhere he gets killed in a much too parallel messianic martyrdom, and his friends eat his body. Yuck, I thought when I was twelve, and yuck I still think. Oh, cannibalism is a silly taboo that I should get over, eh? Heinlein made the point about cultural expectations better elsewhere--and really, he made all these points better elsewhere. This is supposed to be his great book? The man from Mars wanders around for a bit and gets conveniently martyred? And it's literally a deus ex machina--Mike was protected by the Martian Old Ones and then when they're done with him he's destroyed by an archangel according to plan.

Yeah, you may say..This Guy, this Turnipseed Murderer, believed he was a God? Well Yes; I had long discourses with him, he told me I Had "Great Power" and he was being promised freedom (remember, this was 1988, he was , oh, 18 Years Old!) I He "Took Me Out." We had a "Mental Warefare" using Gnostic Warefare. But Mike now has a different look....with his Tattooed "Fore-Head."

This is the "Real" writings of Alexander Crowley, his followers ignore this:

"Black magic is not a myth. It is a totally unscientific and emotional form of magic, but it does get results -- of an extremely temporary nature. The recoil upon those who practice it is terrific."

"It is like looking for an escape of gas with a lighted candle. As far as the search goes, there is little fear of failure!"

To practice black magic you have to violate every principle of science, decency, and intelligence. You must be obsessed with an insane idea of the importance of the petty object of your wretched and selfish desires.

"I have been accused of being a "black magician." No more foolish statement was ever made about me. I despise the thing to such an extent that I can hardly believe in the existence of people so debased and idiotic as to practice it."

Alexander Crowley.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

This famous statement (ascribed to Crowley") derives from several historic precedents, including that of François Rabelais in describing the rule of his Abbey of Thélème in Gargantua and Pantagruel: Fait ce que vouldras (Do what thou wilt), which was later used by the Hellfire Club established by Sir Francis Dashwood. Winston Churchill, Bertrand Russell, George H. W. Bush, John Foster Dulles & His Brother Alan were members, Henry Kissenger , George Washington, Ben Franklin, John Dee, Hamilton, Jefferson , Many other Famous Statesmen & Leaders Of The 'Free World" are Hell Fire Club Members.

It is also similar to the Wiccan proverb: An ye harm none, do what thou wilt; but the oldest known statement of a similar assertion is that of St. Augustine of Hippo: Love, and do what thou wilt.

""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" Isn't This Mike's Father?Mike Turnipseed with the Kern County Taxpayers Association said people like Cruz might be better off out of prison.

The county spent $36.5 million on inmate health care last fiscal year ending in July, county officials said. About $16 million were county funds; the rest was paid by the state. This year's estimates are at $39.5 million, with about $20 million to be paid by the county.

"The medical costs could be too much," he said.


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