Friday, May 27, 2016

The Oldest Living Dead Person GETS FAMOUS!

kingpin skinny pimp

  • internet archive contributions consisting largely of themselves preaching and playing guitar with a few documentaries here and there, also be sure to click on posts to see some of their paranoid rantings and the confusion expressed by the few poor souls on who decided to waste their time interacting with this individual:

    horrifically formatted blogspot with mostly copy+pasted content but interesting content if you're into religious psychosis and tinfoil hattery and also some rare photos:

    other blogspot, more of the same, slightly easier on the eyes:

    third blogspot that finally has a theme that doesnt look broken:

    blogspot with actual original content:

    yet another blogspot jesus christ will it ever end:

    hes really not gonna stop makin blogspots is he:

    good url lmao [also this one looks like it has more original content too]:

    who the fuck has this many blogspots even for a crazy person this is a bit excessive:

    fucking ancient blogspot with only one post on it thats huge as shit:

    i think this about covers it for the blogspots:

    youtube channel, highly recommend watching THE TRUTH ABOUT HOMOSEXUAL SCHIZOPHRENIA and finding any information on the woman in the video at all because shes probably just as lollerific:

    archived geocities page:

    ctrl f "boxcar willie" for a whale of a comment:

    good posts:;article=11632;

    more good posts:

    shawty holdin it down on da flickstr lmao:

    anybody who finds more is heavily encouraged to contribute, i already wasted like 2 hours screwing around in google to find this goldmine of insanity and am just about ready to go to bed
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  • autisticdragonkin

    autisticdragonkin Filthy Secondary
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    How old is this cow? Seems from the old lookingness of this stuff to be in its 50s now
  • Winterkorn

    Winterkorn Lurker
    1. Those photos are creepy.
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    2. Uncanny Valley

      Uncanny Valley has never made a good decision in her life.
      They look like something you'd see in a stereotypical creepypasta.
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    3. wenttobermuda

      wenttobermuda Mincing beast
      A prophet who is a "TATTOOED TRANSVESTITE RAILROAD HOBO FOLK SINGER EX-CONVICT JEWISH ZEALOT." (emphasis in the original) And also Joan of Arc. And also a racist senior citizen.

      What a find.
    4. Elijah

      Elijah I am become Water Bear, destroyer of algae
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    5. XYZpdq

      XYZpdq fbi most wanted sskealeaton
    6. Bungleboy

      Bungleboy ask me about my creamed corn fetish
      It's like a trailhead to a messed up ARG
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    7. Uncanny Valley

      Uncanny Valley has never made a good decision in her life.
      Ten bucks says most of the people in those photos don't know they're being photographed.
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    8. Rat Speaker

      Rat Speaker Where is my Pufferton Army at?
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      This looks like some medical grade bat shit crazy. I am down for the ride. Nice find @kingpin skinny pimp.

      Edit: spelling and what not
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