Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a fascist town: the sick joke of "media" in Oklahoma City.

City Hall, Dirty Laundry Why should a street musician be required to have a PERMIT for anything?Is it not public property on the sidewalk,in the park...... I'd love to see street musician's in bricktown,why pay a $100 bucks for a new bra for the mayor's wife? Isn't bricktown part of MAPS which we as taxpayers paid for to start with? How about a PERMIT for BREATHING AIR! Godwin aside, the commenter is right. But here's why I think things won't change, and for the most part, the people here don't want a change. The local government is dirty, mobbed up with the energy tycoons and real estate developers and so is the sick joke of "media" in Oklahoma City. If some intrepid journalist in Oklahoma tried to investigate the local big-money goings on, they'd be shut down and burned in a heartbeat, UNLESS the powers that be could somehow use it for personal gain. We live in a fascist town and sadly, most of the people here either embrace it (out of greed or pride), or are too ignorant to know any better. As soulless and awful as that may be, at least the economic horror show (now showing on the coasts) is still slow to reach us, just like fashion and music trends. Sorry bro, but you can't fight city hall, it's too strong, too dirty and too well insulated. But don't ever stop and don't take any guff from these bastards!http://oklahomabaptistfemalemayor.blogspot.com/2011/01/oklahoma-baptist-female-mayor.html Hitler's okc city council (okc)

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