Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Laying in bed, Praying to the Lord God,& reflecting...Perhaps if People were as well read in History, and how War-like, bloodthirsty & vicious Mankind actually Is,(& Womenfolk are universally..EXCEED the Male in vicious-ness) then it is not difficult for me, knowing History,to Accept the Bible God, who Created Man in His Image. This Same God, when insulted by a General in the Assyrian Army, during a Siege on Jerusalem, in Hezekiah's Days, as reported in THREE books, Chronicles, Kings & Isaiah, The Same God SENT HIS ANGEL to "Slay a Hundred and 4 score & and 5 thousands: and when they arose Early of the morning, behold, they all were dead corpses." (Isaiah 37 & 36.) So, that here is 185,000 ASS-syriens KILLED because )1) the REPROACHED of the Captain of the army made God man (2) because ISAIAH "lifted up his voice & told Yahweh about it!" Is this not HUMAN BEHAVIOUR on the part of GOD? Let us reason together...If MY child come a crying home to me, & told me some person had MOLESTED him, (& fer convinces sake, in my ensample, we are in a ERA of FREEDOM from POLICE CONTROL) I would go over to KILL the Faggot that DARED to molest MY SON! The Bible states that Yahweh Elohim FORMED His Chosen ISRAEL, he SEPARATED Us from the GOYIM (the base bovine human stock) and FASHIONED US as His Beloved. Like ANY human (except liberals) YOU MESS WITH OUR CHILDRENS, we going inti ANNIHILATE you! Save the Children- KILL A QUEER! But, WHY DO IDIOTS get upset with the GOD of the BIBLE? & Why do people want to JUXTAPOSE & say "MAN CREATED a GOD in THEIR IMAGE?" The TORAH GOD clearly CREATED MAN in HIS image, WE BEHAVE JUST LIKE HE DID, before he decided to stand aloof and let us "FILL UP OUR SINS" until he comes aground to do a "DEFOLIATION" of the "WEEDS!" He's coming soon, THE NASA people AGAIN admitted there is a 10th. "LOSS CANNON" errant WANDERING Planet out beyond PLUTO, and THIS is the "BETH EL" of OUR GOD> (I refer to We the CHOSEN PEOPLES...the HEBREWS.) Then when God come to reckon up your sins again US & all POOR HOMELESS & the BLACK FOLKS over in AFRICA, your stinking goy christian lying souls will burn in Hell. And, It has been revealed to me, PLANET EARTH will become a NEW WORLD, powered by a REACTOR at its CORE that GIVES LIGHT, WARMTH, ENERGY & all other niceties...THE FUEL of this reactor will be YOUR BURNING SOULS....in a ETERNAL CHAIN REACTION- LIVING SOULS BURNING IN TORMENT! Supplying ENERGY, POWER, HEAT, with YOUR TORMENTS we, the CHOSEN PEOPLE, will live in WI+WONDERFUL LUXURY! (ISAIAH ch. 66, Vs.23, 24) You ATHEIST NON BELIEVERS...Unto THEE ...Thus saith the Great & Powerful God that inhabits the Eternal Cosmos, I AM THE SOVEREIGN GOD, I MAKE LIFE & I KILL...I CREATED ALL THE THINGS YE SEE..,. WHO ARE YE TO QUESTION ME? " God tell me to let you know this: "BELIEF IN GOD is OPTIONAL...BURNING IN HELL is MANDATORY!" You silly female dominated sissy-boys...GOD DOSE NOT NEED YOUR FAITH & WORSHIP! God ain't losing no sleep about you hard speech & intelligentsia scatology to try to PROVE HE AIN'T REAL. God could care less WHAT you think! YOU are the LOSERS, in the JUDGEMENT, your SOUL WILL BE CAST ALIVE INTO THE PIT OF ETERNAL TORMENT! Your AGONIES will FUEL the PLEASURE DOME for THE TRUE BELIEVERS. So, think about it, SMARTY PANTS! You won't feel so High & Mighty when you HIT THAT THERE LAKE OF FIRE! I don't MEAN to sound GLEEFUL about your awful fate....I actually am ENTHUSIASTIC & AM ACTIVELY TRYING to TURN MORE PEOPLE AWAY from Salvation! WE NEED MORE DAMNED SINNERS...don't YOU want to be a Smarty Panties? GET on the FIRE BRIGADE! Get into the UNBELIEVERS Camp!!! We don't WANT you in OUR NEW WORLD!!! God ALSO instructs me to tell you: NO FAT PEOPLE in Heaven! Nope! None What-so-ever! NO FAT FOLKS period! FAT FOLKS BURN REALLY GOOD! God CREATED the PLAGUE of OBESE FAT-SO peo0le,,,TO FILL HELL FULL OF GREASY TALLOW-FULL FAT FOLKS to KICK OFF THE BIG BURN! So, the GOSPEL according to Joanna d'Arc. Halle-Jew-Yah! Ill PRAY that YOU do NOT get saved! (If you are 5'2" or less, 112 Lbs or less, have 26" Waist or less...YOU WILL BE SAVED! All others- GO 2 HELL! Next Broadcast... the TRUTH about LIARS! Stay tuned! 73 & 88s to the Skinny ones!

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