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Chas. Manson: Eco Warrior" Bard of Lillie, Hub Press


Was Charles Manson one of the first eco-warriors?


By Bard of Ely

The truth about Charles Manson

Charles Manson is portrayed by the mainstream media as a serial killer and dangerous madman. Marilyn Manson picked up on this idea and used the surname to create and boost his own image as a shock-rocker. But not everyone believes that Charles Manson is as he has been depicted.

Manson has many supporters and friends who do not believe the media's version. For me, Charles Manson is a philosopher, visionary and environmentalist, and was possibly the first eco-warrrior. I know I can identify with very much he says and find a great deal of wisdom in his words.

Now I realise that many people out there feel he is a ¨monster", a "psychopath" and a "Satanist" (there are many types!), and I have heard all these labels applied but over the course of many years I have spent countless hours watching videos with him in, reading his words and about him, and I do not accept that this widely held public opinion is the right one. I used to have cassettes of his songs too. Perhaps I am biased because I am a singer-songwriter too and was impressed with his songs? Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys thought very highly of his abiity as a singer-songwriter and musician.

Perhaps I am biased because I care about nature and the environment passionately and know that Manson does too but I don't think it is as simple as that. The fact that he is an outspoken environmentalist is always left out of the majority of discussions about him in the media. Now why would that be?

Am I going to get into the argument about the murders and Manson's guilt or innocence? Not really, because I wish to focus on him as an environmentalist. That is what this article is about - Charles Manson the eco-warrior!

Charles Manson

Air Trees Water Animals - ATWA

Charles Manson's views on what life is all about are encompassed in his idea of ATWA, which stands for Air, Trees, Water and Animals or "All The Way Alive". He argues that without air we all die, as do all animals.

Trees are the lungs of the planet and keep the air as it should be but people are destructively destroying the forests at an alarming scale. Water, which makes up a large part of out bodies and is essential for life, is running out in many places and is often polluted with toxins in others.

Animals are the amazing living beings we share this planet with as a home but many species are becoming extinct and countless animals are murdered and cruelly abused by humans on a daily basis. Billions of people have lost their respect for trees and animals, or else they would not be behaving as they are doing.

In a conversation dated 6 July 2002, Manson said: "The only food the trees need is water and we are killing that too. Do you understand that by killing the water the air goes with it by way of the tree and so do we one way or another brother, we will stop."

It is obvious to me that what he says is true. It is common sense but strangely so many people seem unaware of what is so obvious, or worse, they do know but do not care!

The Kogi mamos on their sacred mountain home of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta have said much the same. They are extremely worried that there is no snow high on the mountain peaks where it should be. The snow and ice and clouds around the mountains create water for lower down and if there is no snow, no ice and no clouds there can be no water. Without water all will die. It is that simple.

Manson has said that the "Air is God" and "Ecology is God." Without air we all die, without a balanced ecosystem animals and plants are dying out and many people are worried about the future of the human race. We cannot keep on destroying nature and waging war against the planet!

You can read many quotes from Charles Manson about ecology and life here: http://www.atwa.be/mansononatwa.html

The media has lied to you about Charles Manson

Arrested for arson

In the Wikipedia entry for ATWA it is explained that Charles Manson was arrested in December 1969, not for murder, but for arson because he had set fire to a Michigan Loader earth-moving vehicle. This was an attempt to stop road construction in the Death Valley area where he and his group were at the time.

The term eco-warrior was to be coined many years after this, and has been used to describe environmentalist protesters who take direct action to help ensure the safety of the land and natural habitats. Some eco-warriors have engaged in damaging property that belongs to firms that are destroying forests or building roads.

Eco-warriors often end up in court cases. Charles Manson was arrested for arson originally, but he was held and charged with conspiracy to commit murders and it was this that he was convicted of and made the headlines with not his environmental activism.

Whilst many people in today's 'Green Movement' might not like the idea of having Manson held up as a representative of their beliefs because of the reputation he has had as a killer, what he has said about the Air, Trees, water and Animals is clearly the truth!

Steve Andrews. All Charles Manson Slinks

* Charles Manson Breaks 20-Year Silence, Warns Of Global Warming

Charles Manson, the notorious nigger hate cult leader, has broken his 20-year silence, and is speaking out about global warming. Manson, now 76 years old, was accused of brainwashing members of his commune known The Manson Family."

System of a Down or SOAD,  as they are also known, are a hard-rock band from Southern California with all of the members being Armenian-Islamic Eco-Terrorist Illegal Aliens in the Americans. The group are known for being very outspoken and for dealing with controversial subjects in their work and lyrics.

System of a Down paid tribute to Charles Manson and his ideas with their song Atwa from their album Toxicity.

Answers from Fellow 'Christerns' about Making Charles Manson into a Green Hero

'Concern for the environment' was only one ruse that Chuck used to lure followers to carry out his violent fantasies. The swastika on his forehead says it all. (I know... that was just theater too.)

The Rising Glory pussygalore

Deception is rampant in the USA. While everyone can have their personal beliefs about anything, believing a lie is still a lie.

Charles Manson lives about 30 miles from my home. I personally know guards who have had his security detail. The man is a nutcase through and through.

Karen Nigger lover race traitor

To me everything else is over-shadowed by what he did.

While he may not have committed the murders himself, he was the one in charge and his followers were carrying out his orders.

In my opinion the man is insane and is incapable of loving anything except maybe himself. A psychopath is very skilled at manipulating people and telling them just what they want to hear in order to exert his control over them.

As I said I was expecting comments like yours! You are a typical dumb bitch. You should just SHUT UP AND DIE! The swastika is an ancient symbol of the sun and used by many other cultures and religions before it got its comparatively recent current sinister image. See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swastika

Alternative Prime profile image

Charles Manson is not the mysterious, mystical, borderline genius/madman who could control the universe with a simple wave of his hand the media always seems to portray him as, quite the contrary. With only snippets of vintage pre-prison film footage and or brief sanitized interviews conducted while incarcerated after conviction to reference, it's fairly easy even for the non professional psycho analyzer to evaluate and render an accurate diagnosis of his stable yet diabolical mental condition.

Charles Manson was essentially a disenfranchised musician who wanted nothing more than to be placed upon an artistic pedestal along side his idols and true artistic legends such as the Beatles, who, after being denied this accolade, ultimately took his frustration out on society while trying to excuse or mitigate the significance of his atrocities by placing blame on his apparent dysfunctional upbringing.

The distance between his distorted mind and genius is the equivalent of the number of light years between Planet Earth and our possible origins over in Zeta Reticuli, which is quite far the last time I personally measured. However, he was endowed with age and charisma as advantages over his younger immature congregation which can, and did unfortunately, turn out to be a powerful set of tools as he pursued his manipulative purpose.

Eco Warrior? Everyone who is convicted of a crime repents and is miraculously transformed into a man or woman of divine purpose, the "Mantra" he decided to conveniently adopt was "Environmental Advocate". His brief liaisons with activism prior to conviction were in my opinion, something to bring along with him to jail after sentencing.

Intriguing Piece - Thanks For Publishing -

- Alternative Prime -

AmyGoodman profile; Founder & CEO; DemocracyNOW!

AmyGoodman Level 4 Commenter 7 months ago

The Swastika is an ancient sun symbol, this is true. Manson also believed that groups like the Black Panthers were the start of huge race war that black people were going to initiate against white people. Whether Manson carved a swastiki into his forehead to show sympathy with Hinduism or nazi mysticism, or for some other reason can only be guessed at.

His eco ideas are just part of a bigger, grand theory that he had, according to his followers and himself. Whether you can accept parts of his grand theory and reject other parts, such as his profound racism, his belief in the inferiority of women, and apocalyptic paranoia is questionable. The green ideas are certainly more palatable than some of his other ideas.

Manson is clever in terms of manipulation and people skills and has charisma, but he is hardly an intellectual heavyweight. I genuinely find it hard to understand what was or is uniquely "visionary" about him.

I think Manson did a profound discredit to the eco movement. He was the hippy from hell, a gift to rightwing politicians and people who oppose Green ideals.

I have known modern eco-warriors, such as Earth First. They are generally responsible people with a sense of moral obligation. I am uncomfortable with the idea of you linking Manson with them.

Bard of Ely professional Green Eco-Nazi Terrorist

Bard of Ely; Manson Green Hero defender Author

In my opinion the best way of knowing what Manson's ideas are is not from the media and not from books but from what he says and from what his supporters have said about him. I admit I have heard him speak of women in an inferior way and I cannot agree with him on that at all! With regard to what he says about ecology and the planet I have no disagreement with any of it. He is right: we depend on the air, on trees and water. If we destroy them we die as do the animals.

I agree with your right to believe and feel what ever you like, and I support that. The only real research I personally have done on Manson was to read Helter Skelter, and I read it when I was too young to understand "spin". There was a scene described therein about an acid party and how it turned into an orgy, then suicide. Although I know that the swastika was used as a cardinal symbol, I cannot educate the public to believe it was anything but a symbol relating to the Nazis. Just as the Confederate flag is not offensive to me, it is to the black community. Manson is the epitome of what put an end to the hippy culture, good or bad.

I think you did a good thing by stirring up peoples feelings about this subject; that's what we are called to do sometimes as writers. But I also feel like you walked into a room of holocaust survivors wearing the uniform, waving the flag, and singing the praises of Hitler. Might as well be a black rapper with his pants down so he can't run with his arm around a white blond girl at a KKK rally. I feel a lynching coming on, and I'll do what I can to stand by your right to have an opinion, but I'm sorry, I think that's where I draw the line. I would have chosen a better role model to support the fight for ecology.

You are right about the sort of reaction this is getting as can be seen from the comments here and also at Facebook where I have shared the link. Just because a load of people believe something that has been pushed as the correct version of anything doesn't mean it is true but merely that it has been pushed that well that it has become accepted. You could say the same about any religion - billions believe all the major religions as fact but I believe they are all based around books of stories that have become accepted as the truth by a very large number of people. It doesn't mean that they are true!


charles manson is an eco-warior,...

i at least take comfort that you knew and were, i assume, prepared for the responses you would get for this piece..... you got stones my friend,... thats a fact.

i myself am perfectly willing to listen to a reasoned point of view, and applaud you in being reasoned in your responses as well,...

but wow,... gota say it,...

if you can separate the crimes from the Bugliosi Book's spin so as to talk up the eco-warior status of charles manson,.... you should be in sales,...

ocean front property on the moon,... used cars in amish country,... etc.

so charles got the mother earth thing right,.... yea,... hitler was a master orator and his nazi government were organizational and logistics wizards,... realy if you can compartmentalize that well,... you can make that leap with me,... yes?

even a broken clock is right twice a day,....

if jeffery dahmer wrote and talked about the value of a well ballanced diet after going to prison,.... that doesnt make him a nutritional expert.

best of luck my ballsy friend,.... i loved this by the way,... well done,...fantasy,.... but well done fantasy.

(please try and picture the wry smile on my face with the twinkling fire of respect for a fellow shock jock in my eye)

Bard of Ely Hub Author 7 months ago

Thank you for your feedback! I actually got inspired to put this hub together because I am writing a book entitled The Dropouts and the starting point is my recollection of hearing Manson saying that what Timothy Leary had advised people, namely, turning on, tuning in and dropping out was a bad idea, and he (Manson) was speaking from experience of having lived in the world of the drop outs. As one who took Leary's advice I can see in retrospect that I would have been better off listening to Manson's advice of not doing this had that advice been available to me. A point I am making in my book is that most people I knew that dropped out at the end of the sixties are all dead now. So it's not just his ecology ideas but other stuff he has said too.

trecords0 profile image

trecords0 Level 3 Commenter 7 months ago

I totally agree with your comment on religion and that is a better senario than the 2 ways I put it. I figure I would have rather used Frank Zappa as the framework for an ecological article, or even as one who was against the drop out culture of the hippies. I think he was more of a radical by becoming accepted by the freaks through his music and speaking his conservative mind; like a Trojan horse. The Hunter Thompson story of becoming a Hells Angels also comes to mind. The modern word for this is embedded. Interesting thoughts BoE. Thanks for getting the gears going. Tim.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely Hub Author 7 months ago

Thank you, Tim! I wanted to write about Manson as he is made reference to in the book I'm writing and in my hub about it. I am actually still looking for the exact quote he made about Leary but there are an awful lot of videos to trawl through and it's probably not that important that I find it. I write hubs about what I am thinking about. I thought I'd explain the positive side of Manson. I believe in credit where credit is due. If something is right it is right. It is not a popularity contest over who said it or believed it, or it shouldn't be! btw I have mentioned Hunter S Thompson in my book Herbs of the Northern Shaman in re him talking about datura in Fear and Loathing and how this led a lot of hippie types to want to try this very dangerous herb. I speak from experience as one who did so and survived. Others I know that used the plant are mostly dead, not killed directly by it but from self-destructive drug usage and lifestyles! Impressionable and searching minds take info from all sorts of sources. Some of the info can result in danger to self or others.

Angie Jardine

Hi Bard ... interesting concept for a hub and it would appear that you have opened up a whole can of organic worms here.

I can't say I find Manson particularly charismatic (either then or now) as anyone who disrespects women is, in my book, a totally arrogant idiot. I can't say that I was too impressed by the somewhat needy women who stood up for him either ... he's just some sort of Svengali cult leader and there will always be damaged and gullible women who fall for the spiel of such men.

Leaving aside what he did or did not do all that time ago ... it is possible to find, and admire, much more persuasive eco-warriors ... yourself included.

Anyone can rant on about the destruction of the planet and its animals, anyone can spout about the environment ... I'm a rabid environmentalist myself. Most of us who haven't been living in a hole in the ground know we are destroying our planet and we know how it is being destroyed.

We also know corporate greed is the driving force behind much of the destruction of our world and many of us are worried about that and are trying to do something about it.

But as for Manson ... forget it. Media feeding frenzy of long ago or not ... he is just not a credible witness for environmentalism ... and it's unlikely anyone will consider his testimony relevant.

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