Saturday, August 13, 2011


by Ed McCabe

Ozone is one of the most beneficial substances on this planet, and
the BAD science you hear quoted on the news every night is causing
you to subconsciously be afraid of Nature, and therefore, a part of
Life itself.

What is Ozone? Simply, oxygen, three atoms of nature's oxygen. It
exists in a very active form for about 30 minutes before breaking
down into two atoms of regular oxygen by giving up one atom of
singlet oxygen.

Where does Ozone come from? Nature. And nature does not make any
mistakes. The new growth in the rainforests, and the plankton in
theocean are continually creating oxygen. As you read this, oxygen is
rising up into the atmosphere to where the ozone layer is. At the
altitude of the ozone layer, the rising oxygen is bombarded by the
sun's photochemical energy in the form of ultraviolet light rays.
This UV energy bombardment changes the oxygen from O2 -- two atoms of
stable oxygen, into O3 -- three atoms of unstable active oxygen. We
call this Ozone. This is all part of the natural process of life on
this living biosphere called earth. The chemical formula for this is
3O2 >UV> 2O3.

Being heavier than the oxygen in the atmosphere ,this newly created
Ozone falls back to earth and is immediately replaced by more rising
oxygen which is also soon changed int ozone by the sun. A constant
natural cycle of up and down oxygen mixing.

The Ozone falls to earth and is all around us. It is the fresh small
of laundry dried outdoors in the country. It is also the fresh air at
the clean seashore, and the sweet smell in the air after a lightning
storm. Lightning, also possessing photochemical energy creates ozone
as well. Ozone has always been with us, and the fact that ozone gives
off that single oxygen atom is a significant factor. Thousands of
physicians in Europe have been using ozone as a medical treatment for
over 50 years, and the use of Ozone in medicine is starting to
finally catch on here in the U.S.

How is it used in medicine? This O3 Ozone is not as stable as regular
O2 oxygen because it has that extra atom of O1 attached to it. Ozone
will readily give up the extra atom and revert back to stable oxygen
again. This ability to quickly give off the atom of O1 is the reason
ozone has been used in medicine.

It has been demonstrated that O1, a beneficial free radical, will
kill bacteria, viruses, fungus and molds by attaching to them and
oxidizing and eliminating them. These lower life form organisms are
mostly anaerobic. "Anaerobic" means they can't live around activated
oxygen. Doctors using the proper concentrations and correct medical
protocols have achieved substantial positive clinical results with
Ozone. Ozone, when used properly, has been shown repeatedly to kill
pathogens -- yet not hurt normal cells. The pathogens do not have any
protective enzymes coatings to protect them -- as do all the cells in
higher life forms like us.

Breathing Ozonated air or drinking Ozonated water (at the safe legal
concentrations that are already laid out by the government) are two
of the ways of getting activated oxygen into your body. Did you ever
drink water just downstream from a waterfall and feel invigorated?
That was because the water had tumbled over the rocks, thinned out
and absorbed oxygen/ozone from the air. If it wasn't safe to breathe
acceptable concentrations of ozone, the military would not purify the
air in our submarines with it. Other methods being explored medically
are rectal insufflation, autohemotherapy, and IV infusion.

Why do they call Ozone "smog?" Bad science and bad reporting. Did you
know that your automobile spews out it's own weight in air pollutants
every year? When man dumps pollutants into the air, nature tries to
repair the damage by sending ozone into the affected area to oxidize
and clean them up. Nature works through the balancing of differential
electrical, magnetic, and chemical charges. This explains why Ozone
is always found near air pollution. Ozone is not irritating you in
smog, it's the toxins like nitric acids formed that hurt people. But,
because ozone is there, then the newscasters and scientists try to
blame our troubles on our poor friend Ozone. By blaming nature, no
one has to take responsibility for the car and factory emissions. No
one ever has to develop clean energy sources. What they call "ozone"
is any number of toxic compounds. Why they don't tell you is that
Nature's Ozone is a very tiny portion of the smog they report. They
also don't admit that Ozone is strictly, always, only O3 -- pure
oxygen, and never anything else. I've actually cornered a few
scientists and reporters and asked if they know that they were not
being scientifically accurate. They admitted (in private) that they
knew they weren't, but keep up the charade "because everyone else

What about the holes in the ozone layer? Consider the greedy "clear
cutting" of the oxygen producing rainforests and the disappearance of
our own national forests at the rate of 1 acre every 5 seconds! At
this rate, statistics prove that there will be no trees in the US in
50 years. Add to this situation the constant mindless polluting of
the oceans, and the selfish discharge of industrial pollutants into
the air. Electrical, electronic, and radioactive discharges further
scramble the elements in nature. Chlorine gas comes out of your water
faucet. The oxygen is either missing or bound up.

What we're experiencing is an increasing shortage of any planetary
oxygen being available to be turned into Ozone in the first place!
That's why there is an ozone layer hole at both poles, and the rest
is starting to look like Swiss cheese.

The ozone layer is almost a "living" boundary, only paper thin, and
only on the daylight side of the planet. When the oxygen is all bound
up or missing, then there can be no Ozone layer. When there is no
ozone layer, the sun's full ultraviolet light travels right on
through to you without being used up creating Ozone, and we will see
increased cataracts, skin cancer, blindness, and burning of
vegetation. So, our bodies and our food supply are in danger --
unless you do something about turning back the rampant greed that is
destroying us.

Until you make them start putting the trees back, and clean up the
ocean, you must protect yourself. What can you do personally to help
supply the missing free oxygen in your life? Thousands of people are
exploring the oxygenating methods I wrote about in my book "Oxygen
Therapies." One of the simplest methods of creating Ozone is by using
one of the common home ozone air and water purifiers. Home units
aren't manufactured for medical purposes. They generally do not use
pure U.S.P. "green bottle" oxygen for their influent gas stream -- as
is required in the medical ozone generators. However, they do a fine
job for what they were designed for, general air and water
purification. I use them at home with pleasant results.

Many readers of my book have called and told me their own interesting
stories. After installing air ozonators, they claimed "their house
mold went away," "the smells stopped," their "emphysema became less,"
they "had more energy," their "lupus got better," and it sounds far
out, but one fellow even said "the tartar fell off his teeth!" Of
course no one is making medical claims for these devices, but the
anecdotal evidence is piling up steadily. Oxygen is the first line of
defense of the immune system, and necessary for the removal of every
single waste product from the body.

As I travel around speaking and appearing in the media, I point out
that our society is experiencing the rise of diseases and plagues
corresponding to the falling of our planetary oxygen level. The
opposite phenomenon, the lessening of disease occurrence correlating
to increases of cellular oxygen levels, is strongly suggested by the
evidence available from all sources. Ozone is our friend. We should
get to know it better.

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