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Subject: Salim Muwakkil article: Drug War/Black Community

A friend of mine brought a copy of CMW back from the Rainbow Gathering, I caould not go, due to having 6 wonderful Dogs (which MUST be pampered,) and work commitments. (How awful for a 53 year old Hippie to admit!)

I read with interest the articles RE: the Drug Wars, the inequality of sentencing of Negro felons, and the "True Story" Behind...the Drug War.

Those reporters were, obviously, not Journalists, in the Classical sense, nor did they present a factual account, in either report.

Had I not been incarerated in 2 different State Prison Systems, (California & Oklahoma) in excess of 5 years, and WITNESSED the nature of those Negros also there, and heard with my own ears their daily conversations, and paid attention to their Reading Matter, and been a respected CONVICT in both systems, by Blacks & Whites both (such respect is gained by swift violent self defence when you are initially "tested" upon entering the System,) I would not be able to write this. I do NOT wish to demean nor deride either report- I was a victum of Drug Wars, sentenced to 5 years for sales/distribution of less than .12 gram of methamphetimine, which I actually did not SELL, but gave to a "narc" posing as a Prostitute. .12 gram, street value, in San Francisco, in 1987, was worth $10.00. For this, I was in San Quentin, Folsom, Atascadero State Criminal Insane Hospital (18 months) andCMC, where the Manson people are.

The "secret" reason that Negroes are given Very Harsh sentences for Drug crimes is not their race. It is that they are KNOWN to have committed EXTREMELY VIOLENT HENIOUS Crimes that CANNOT be prosecuted, due to TERRORISTIC supression of witnesses. These are Crips, Bloods, Grnstra Possies, et al. And, they are not reticent or ashamed to describe, in gory detail, the murders, tortures, arson, kidnappings, etc. to their 'homies.' Or to me. The only viable method the (corrupt, but trying...) DA, Judges & Police can take these violent killers off the streets is by sentencing them to MAX on Drug Convictions.

It is a sorry state of affairs that this is done, but it is anologious to the Final imprisonment of Chicago's inFamous Al Capone, mass murderer, terrorist, extortioner, gangster, convicted for INCOME TAX EVASION!

The new Cocaine/crack Black Culture EMULATES, WORSHIPS and GOES far beyond the Gangster Syndicate blood baths of Chicago's 1920's, introduced into the present "Negro Drug Cartel" is a violent hatred of Whites. Absolute, Total, without reservation HATRED, in the same sense that Jew haters HATE us Jews, and they cannot be reasoned with. Certain "prophets" of a Negro Armegeddon to annihilate ALL whites are thriving NOW, in America. I listened to a ralley in Detroit, in 2000, while traveling through to Toronto. I heard it over & over again in Prison, both Oklahoma & California, (although I admit, when I was doing time in Oklahoma, 1993-1996, most of the Black Folks there were,themselves, repelled and opposed to this retoric.) As if to establish and give authority to my ideas, my Therapist at the Community Counselling Center, a very open-minded, liberal, caring Phd. who specialises in working with Young People, while in NTC on vacation last month, was SPIT UPON, and VERBALLY attacked, she & her travelling companion had sat on a Park Bench in Greenwich Village and witnessed a Public Preaching of these White Annihilators. After about 45 minutes, they rose to leave when they where spat on, abused with filthy language that offended me (who, with 5 years in Maximum Security prisons & 25+ years a Freight Train Rider/ Folk Singer/ Oral Tradition tall tale & Folk Say collector, thought I had heard it ALL!)

The SAD aspect of this, is the avalability of HARD CORE VICIOUS "RAP" nonMusic, these past ten years, EXTREMELY violent, and that MORE & MORE Intelligent Young Blacks are ACCEPTING and EMBRACING the "BLACK NIHILATIONIST ARMAGEDDON" dogma. Peer pressue, the systemetic conditioning of hearing Violent anti-White Rap nonMusic, now reaching the age of 18-24, they are EASILY swayed by the HATERS.

Music has been my LIFE, as well as Amatuer Radio, Short Wave Listening, Study of Comparative Religion, and UNCONTROLLED, CONSUMPTIVE READING! I have a 3 bedrrom house, a guest cottage, all STACKED with BOOKS, books, BOOKS, and vintage Radio Equipment. I am a Graduate of Baylor University, 1958, Music Major, I excelled in Classical Violin, under Maestro Leno Bartolli, yet in 1960, hearing Bobby Zimmermann (Dylan), Woody Guthrie, Ledbelly, reading Threasury of American Folk Lore (Dodson-Norman Okla, 1932) from my earliest age, I abandoned the Violin and took up the Guitar & Harmonica.
This short AUTOBIO is to attempt to show you that I am not a right-wing nut, no, no, no, I was at the Chicago SDS rally, against the Facisim of MARE DALEY, I married a Wonderful Mexican Girl from Racine, Wisconsin, in 1969, have 2 children & 5 grandchildren.

I am not offering any solutations, either. The solution is already in action. In a very short time, (MUCH shorter than you think!!!) people who dissent will be personia non gratis, you, noam chomsky, myself, we will NOT have a VEHICLE to disseminate our ideas= IDEAS ARE WEAPONS, UNTIL WE GAIN ALL THE WEAPONS, THEN WE BECOME THE TOTAL ARBATORS OF ALL IDEAS. I personally am making a visit with other Rainbow & Aware friends to establish a place of safety in Belieze, or perhaps Costa Rica.

Be certain of one thing. The 're-education/rehibilation" of "deviate thinkers" is in the plans, covertly laid out in WILLIAM CLINTON's Exec. Orders, and the American Patroit Act/Homeland Security Bill.

Oh, in the article :the True Story Behind...the Drug War," by Liane Casten, she blythely fails to give coverage to the most telling part= the CLINTON/ BARRY SEALS/ Geo. Bush/ Mena, Arkansas $35,000,000 PER WEEK influx of COCAINE, which was TOTALLY under William & Hillory CLINTON's control. A State Agency, ADFCO, was ESPECIALLY created, BY HILLOER at the ROSE LAW FIRM, to LAUNDER the Clinton Take. There were MURDER after MURDER here in Arkansas of people who tried to speak out, or were capable of speaking out. A reign of TERROR prevailed upon ALL Arkansas during this period, I LEFT MY HOME and MOVED TO SAN FRANCISCO permanately in 1984, did not come back home here until Sept. 2000. Many of those MURDERED by the CLINTONS and their DRUG CARTEL were PERSONAL FRIENDS, so I am not WILLING to give ear to the SYNCOPHANTS who still try to discredit these things...THEY WERE NOT HERE! A former Girlfriend, who I dated in the 1960's after first moving up here, was the MOTHER of one of the TWO BOYS MURDERED on the Railroad Tracks.

The COVERT reason why AL GORE was NOT allowed to obtain the PRESEDENCY was that the POSITION was PREORDAINED TO PASS TO THE YOUNGER BUSH as a REWARD for 'faithful service" in the DRUG IMPORT BUSINESS, and as well due to the BLOOD-LINE of the AMERICAN RULING ELITE which has been entrenched since FRD. It was common knowledge here in Hot Springs, in the 1960's, (and there were documents extent then to establish) that William Jefferson Blythe (who changed his name to Clinton,) was the ILLEGITIMATE BASTARD OFFSPRING of former Arkansas Governor and Notoious Pedophile & whoremonger WINTHROP ROCKEFELLER, exiled here to Arkansas by the Rockefeller Clan due to gross sexual malfeasance and scandalous behaviour in the "Civilised World."

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