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The Sonic Weapon of Vladimir Gavreau
by Gerry Vassilatos

HE listened and closed his eyes as the rolling waves of sound poured
over and through his being. Thrilling, intoxicating, the hysteria of
heaven, the enthralled and frightening flight of angels.
Electrifying. Messaien's organ music signalled messages of meaning,
titanic foghorns ululating among dimly perceived near-worlds. Olivier
Messaien, master composer of musical expressionism, used the ground
thrumming tones of great Parisian cathedral organs to evoke
sensations which may only be called otherworldly. Masterfully
macabre. Black foundations, blue pillars, and rainbow ceilings.

Sound, rhythm, and space. Ultra-chromatic chord frames, rising like
rock walls from the black depths. And immense stellar
crystallizations, radiating tonal perfumes through deep and black
radiant space. Lovely and lyrically swooping melodies, the flight of
birds through delicate limbs. And melodic lines, reaching up toward
unknown depths of space, each had their foundation in ultrabass tones
of rooted depth. The basso profunda of Messaien are the critical
foundations, the strong vertical pillars of an immense architecture
which extends beyond performance walls. He scoured the deep and
unreachable roots of worlds to hold his musical cathedrals together.
Such majesty and grandeur of sound! Rich in the intelligence which
flooded and made the world, the musical currents and the atmosphere
of tones. Fluidic music and meaning.

The most fundamental signals which permeate this world are inaudible.
They not only surpass our hearing, but they undergird our being.
Natural infrasounds rumble through experience daily. There
manifestations are fortunately infrequent and incoherent. Infrasound
is inaudible to human hearing, being of pitch below 15 cycles per
second. The bottom human limit. The plynth. The foundation.
Infrasound is not heard, it is felt. Infrasound holds a terrible
secret in its silent roar.

Infrasound produces varied physiological sensations which begin as
vague "irritations". At certain pitch, infrasound produces physical
pressure. At specific low intensity, fear and disorientation. Nazi
propaganda engineers methodically used infrasound to stir up the
hostilities of crowds who were gathered to hear their madman. The
results are historical nightmares.

At a very specific pitch, infrasound explodes matter. At others,
infrasound incapacitates and kills. Organisms rupture in its blast.
Sea creatures use this power to stun and kill prey.

The swelling bass tones of the cathedral seem as though they can
burst the very pillars which uphold the ancient vaults. Stained glass
windows have been known to erupt in a shower of colored fragments
from the organ's basso profunda. Impulsed ultrabass tones...thunder.
Somewhere in the almost inaudible roll of these basement sounds there
was a devastating and fearful power.


The Cold War was on. The United States alone held the dread secret.
The most terrible weapon yet developed was the private property of
one government. The mere existence of the atomic bomb was threat to
nations whose motives were not entirely altruistic. Motivated,
aggressive, and imperialistic, obtaining atomic bomb data was a
priority for several nations. The only manner in which some nations
obtained the secret was by stealing it. When Stalin's science
officers finally developed an atomic duplicate of the American bomb,
pressure suddenly was placed upon every other European nation to
achieve an equivalent or better device.

When one seeks to defend one's borders, the consequences of releasing
weapons of devastation to the world do not seem important. Weaponry
is death-oriented by nature. But there are moral differences between
weapons of defense and weapons of offense. Previous to this atomic
proliferation, competing nations concentrated their weapons research
on truly bizarre and equally deadly means for defending their
national boundaries. A great variety of such deadly weapons were
perfected in rapid succession. This included deadly variations and
combinations of gas weaponry, pathogenic agents, and radiant
weaponry. Stalin's research teams investigated psychic powers as a
possible means for destroying an enemy. Psychotronic warfare was
developed among numerous groups, both private and national, with
measurable success. Information on some simpler psychotronic weapons
have recently been obtained through an increasing process of Soviet

In truth, the larger the weaponry the less safe the national
boundaries truly were. While the superpowers concentrated their
weapons development programs on mass-destructive nuclear weaponry,
others focussed on more practical conventions. The limited tactical
warfare of small battlefields seemed a more immediate need. While
developing their own atomic device, France sought defensive tactical
weaponry on every possible technological front. Short range weapons
would best defend against a conventional national assault. But other
systems were also sought; systems which, though non-nuclear, were
equally invincible. As the great Frankish Knight, Charles "the
Hammer" Martel repelled ruthless invaders from the medieval east, so
a new hammer would be sought to defend France against possible new
enemies from the east. Even as Charles Martel arose from obscurity,
so this strange new "hammer" would arise in equal obscurity.


The central research theme of Dr. Vladimir Gavreau was the
development of remote controlled automatons and robotic devices. To
this end he assembled a group of scientists in 1957. The group,
including Marcel Miane, Henri Saul, and Raymond Comdat, successfully
developed a great variety of robotic devices for industrial and
military purposes. In the course of developing mobile robots for use
in battlefields and industrial fields, Dr. Gavreau and his staff made
a strange and astounding observation which, not only interrupted
their work, but became their major research theme.

Housed in a large concrete building, the entire group periodically
experienced a disconcerting nausea which flooded the research
facility. Day after day, for weeks at a time, the symptoms plagued
the researchers. Called to inspect the situation, industrial
examiners also fell victim to the malady. It was thought that the
condition was caused by pathogens, a "building sickness". No such
agencies were ever biologically detected. Yet the condition
prevailed. Research schedules now seriously interrupted, a complete
examination of the building was called.

The researchers noticed that the mysterious nauseations ceased when
certain laboratory windows were blocked. It was then assumed
that "chemical gas emissions" of some kind were responsible for the
malady, and so a thorough search of the building was undertaken.
While no noxious fumes could be detected by any technical means, the
source was finally traced by building engineers to an improperly
installed motor-driven ventilator. The engineers at first thought
that this motor might be emitting noxious fumes, possibly evaporated
oils and lubricants. But no evaporated products were ever detected.
It was found that the loosely poised low speed motor, poised in its
cavernous duct of several stories, was developing "nauseating

The mystery magnified for Dr. Gavreau and his team, when they tried
to measure the sound intensity and pitch. Failing to register any
acoustic readings at all, the team doubted the assessment of the
building engineers. Nevertheless, closing the windows blocked the
sense of nausea. In a step of brilliant scientific reasoning, Gavreau
and his colleagues realized that the sound with which they were
dealing was so low in pitch that it could not register on any
available microphonic detector. The data was costly to the crew.

They could not pursue the "search" for long time periods. During the
very course of tracking the sound down, an accidental direct exposure
rendered them all extremely ill for hours. When finally measured, it
was found that a low intensity pitch of a fundamental 7 cycles per
second was being produced. Furthermore, this infrasonic pitch was not
one of great intensity either. It became obvious that the slow
vibrating motor was activating an infrasonic resonant mode in the
large concrete duct. Operating as the vibrating "tongue" of an
immense "organ pipe", the rattling motor produced nauseating
infrasound. Coupled with the rest of the concrete building, a
cavernous industrial enclosure, the vibrating air column formed a
bizarre infrasonic "amplifier".

Knowledge of this infrasonic configuration also explained why
shutting the windows was mildly effective in "blocking the malady".
The windows altered the total resonant profile of the building,
shifting the infrasonic pitch and intensity. Since this time, others
have noted the personally damaging effects of such infrasonic
generation in office buildings and industrial facilities. The
nauseating effects of exposure to a low intensity natural or manmade
infrasonic source is now well appreciated.

It has become a routine architectural procedure to seek out and alter
any possible such resonant cavities. The sources often appear in
older buildings, the result of construction rendered faulty by
previous lack of this knowledge. All such "improper" architectural
formats are modified by the additions of sound-blocking materials.


Dr. Gavreau and his research team now carefully investigated the
effects of their "infrasonic organ" at various intensity levels and
pitch. Changing the spring tension on shock mounts which held the fan
motor, it was possible to change the pitch. Various infrasonic
resonances were established throughout the large research building.
Shutting the windows blocked most of the symptoms. When the window
was again opened, however weak as the source was made, the team felt
the nauseating effects once again.

In the business of military research, Dr. Gavreau believed he had
discovered a new and previously "unknown weapon" in these
infrasounds. Aware of the natural explosives by which infrasonics are
generated, Dr. Gavreau began to speculate on the application of
infrasonics as a defense initiative. The haphazard explosive effects
of natural infrasound in thunderclaps were quite effective in
demonstrating what an artificial "thunder-maker" could do. But, how
could a thunderclap be artificially generated in a compact system?
These thoughts stimulated theoretical discussions on the possibility
of producing coherent infrasound: an infrasonic "laser".

The first devices Dr. Gavreau implemented were designed to imitate
the "accident" which first made his research group aware of
infrasonics. They designed real organ pipes of exceedingly great
width and length. The first of these was six feet in diameter and
seventy five feet long. These designs were tested outdoors, securely
propped against protective sound-absorbent walls. The investigators
stood at a great distance. Two forms of these infrasonic organ pipes
were built. The first utilized a drive piston which pulsed the pipe
output. The second utilized compressed air in a more conventional

The main resonant frequency of these pipes occurred in the "range of
death", found to lie between three and seven cycles per second. These
sounds could not be humanly heard, a distinct advantage for a defense
system. The effects were felt however. The symptoms come on rapidly
and unexpectedly, though the pipes were operating for a few seconds.
Their pressure waves impacted against the entire body in a terrible
and inescapable grip. The grip was a pressure which came in on one
from all sides simultaneously, an envelope of death.

Next came the pain, dull infrasonic pressure against the eyes and
ears. Then came a frightening manifestation on the material supports
of the device itself. With sustained operation of the pipe, a sudden
rumble rocked the area, nearly destroying the test building. Every
pillar and joint of the massive structure bolted and moved. One of
the technicians managed to ignore the pain enough to shut down the
power supply.

These experiments with infrasonics were as dangerous as those early
investigations of nuclear energy. Dr. Gavreau and his associates were
dangerously ill for nearly a day after these preliminary tests. These
maladies were sustained for hours after the device was turned off.
Infrasonic assaults on the body are the more lethal because they come
with dreadful silence. The eyesight of Dr. Gavreau and his fellow
workers were affected for days. More dangerously were their internal
organs affected: the heart, lungs, stomach, intestinal cavity were
filled with continual painful spasms for an equal time period.

Musculature convulses, torques, and tears were the symptoms of
infrasonic exposure. All the resonant body cavities absorbed the self-
destructive acoustic energy, and would have been torn apart had the
power not been extinguished at that precise moment. The effectiveness
of infrasound as a defense weapon of frightening power having been
demonstrated "to satisfaction", more questions were asked. After this
dreadful accident, approaching the equipment once again was almost a
fearful exercise. How powerful could the output of an infrasonic
device be raised before even the operating engineers were affected?

With greatest caution and respect for the power with which they
worked, Dr. Gavreau began recalculating all of his design parameters.
He had grossly misjudged the power released by the pipes. He had, in
fact, greatly lowered those calculated outputs for diagnostic
purposes. Never had he imagined that these figures were actually far
too great in the world of infrasound!

Empirical data being the only way to determine how infrasonic energy
correlated with both biological and material effect, the tests were
again attempted with a miniature power supply. First, the dimensions
of these devices had to be greatly reduced. Their extreme length was
objectionable. In order to provide absolutely safe control of the
deadly blasts, several emergency cutoff switches were provided. These
responded to the radiated infrasonic pressure wave. the intensity
could be absolutely limited by use of automated barometric switches.

In an attempt to achieve more compact and controllable infrasound
generators, Dr. Gavreau designed and tested special horns
and "whistles" of various volumes. These were each remarkably simple
flat circular resonant cavities, having a side output duct. They were
simply the large analogues of foghorns and police whistles. These
flat forms were volumetrically reduced in successive design stages
because it was found that their output was far too great. The
infrasonic foghorns could produce a frightening two kilowatts of
infrasonic energy, at a pitch of one hundred fifty cycles per second.

The flat "police whistles" were more easily designed to required
specifications. Their overall characteristics were quite simple to
determine, a mathematical formula being devised for the purpose. The
whistle's resonant pitch was found by dividing its diameter into a
numerical constant of 51. Increasing the depth of the whistle
effectively increased its amplitude. A whistle 1.3 meters in diameter
produced an infrasonic pitch of 37 cycles per second. This form
violently shook the walls of the entire laboratory complex, though
its intensity was less than 2 watts infrasonic power.


Not much amplitude is required for infrasound to produce
physiological malady. Several researchers accidentally did themselves
great harm when, by deliberate intent or accident, they succeeded in
generating infrasonic vibrations. Tesla used vibrating platforms as
an aid to vitality. He delighted in "toning the body" with
vibrational platforms of his own design. Mounted on heavy rubber
pads, these platforms were vibrated by simple motorized "eccentric"

Their mild use, for a minute, could be pleasantly stimulating. The
effects invigorating the whole body for hours thereafter. Excessive
use would produce grave illness however, excessive aggravations of
the heart being the most dangerous aspect of the stimulation. The
entire body "rang" for hours with an elevated heart rate and greatly
stimulated blood pressure. The effects could be deadly.

In one historic instance, Samuel Clemens, Tesla's close friend,
refused to descend from the vibrating platform. Tesla was sorry he
had allowed him to mount it. After repeated warnings, Tesla's concern
was drowned out by both the vibrating machine and Clemens' jubilant
exaltations and praises. Several more seconds and Clemens nearly
soiled his white suit, the effects of infrasound being "duly

Tesla often went to great lengths in describing the effects of
infrasounds to newspaper reporters who, behind his back, scoffed at
the notion that a "little sound" could effect such devastations. Yet,
it was precisely with such a "little sound" that Tesla nearly brought
down his laboratory on Houston Street. His compact infrasonic
impulsers were terribly efficient. Tesla later designed and tested
infrasonic impulse weapons capable of wrecking buildings and whole
cities on command.

Walt Disney and his artists were once made seriously ill when a sound
effect, intended for a short cartoon scene, was slowed down several
times on a tape machine and amplified through a theater sound system.
The original sound source was a soldering iron, whose buzzing 60
cycle tone was lowered five times to 12 cycles. This tone produced a
lingering nausea in the crew which lasted for days.

Physiology seems to remain paralyzed by infrasound. Infrasound
stimulates middle ear disruptions, ruining organismic equilibrium.
The effect is like severe and prolonged seasickness. Infrasound
immobilizes its victims. Restoration to normal vitality requires
several hours, or even days. Exposure to mild infrasound intensities
produces illness, but increased intensities result in death. Alarming
responses to infrasound have been accurately recorded by military
medical experts.

Tolerances from 40 to 100 cycles per second have been recorded by
military examiners. The results are sobering ones. As infrasonic
pitches decrease, the deadly symptoms increase. Altered cardiac
rhythms, with pulse rates rising to 40 percent of their rest values,
are the precursors to other pre-lethal states. Mild nausea,
giddiness, skin flushing, and body tingling occur at 100 cycles per
second. Vertigo, anxiety, extreme fatigue, throat pressure, and
respiratory dysfunction follow. Coughing, severe sternal pressure,
choking, excessive salivation, extreme swallowing pains, inability to
breathe, headache, and abdominal pain occur between 60 and 73 cycles
per second. Post exposure fatigue is marked. Certain subjects
continued to cough for half an hour, while many continued the skin-
flush manifestation for up to four hours.

Significant visual acuity decrements are noted when humans are
exposed to infrasounds between 43 and 73 cycles per second.
Intelligibility scores for persons exposed, fall to a low of 77
percent their normal scores. Spatial orientation becomes completely
distorted. Muscular coordination and equilibrium falter considerably.
Depressed manual dexterity and slurred speech have been noted before
individuals blackout. Just before this point, a significant loss in
intelligibility is noted.

The findings of Dr. Gavreau in the infrasonic range between 1 and 10
cycles per second are truly shocking. Lethal infrasonic pitch lies in
the 7 cycle range. Small amplitude increases affect human behavior in
this pitch range. Intellectual activity is first inhibited, blocked,
and then destroyed. As the amplitude is increased, several
disconcerting responses had been noted. These responses begin as
complete neurological interference. The action of the medulla is
physiologically blocked, its autonomic functions cease.


Infrasound clings to the ground, a phenomenon well known in the
animal world. Female vocalizations and those of their young, take
their traceable routes through the air. High pitched sounds are
aerial in nature. This makes females and young natural targets for
predators. Low pitched tones cling to the ground, being "guided"
along the soil layers. Male vocalizations cannot be localized by
predators. Male sounds "hug the ground", diffusing out from their
source. Some males rumble the ground with voice and hooves. These are
communications signals which they alone comprehend.

The fact that the ground draws and guides low frequency tones is a
remarkable gift to the animal kingdom, enhancing the survival of male
leaders. When herds are attacked by predators, the males can continue
to give guidance to their companions, while remaining
completely "invisible" and elusive. Predators cannot locate the
voices and rumblings of male leaders because their low pitched
signals ar impossible to pinpoint. They are therefore also impossible
to attack. Predators are often overtaken by the males who maintain
their diffusive communications across and through the ground.

The same analogies would apply to an infrasonic defense system.
First, infrasound does not lose its intensity when travelling very
long distances across the ground. They remain at the same intensity
as when released from their deadly sources. Also, because of the
ground clinging effect, infrasonic sources cannot be located without
special appliances. This would work well for those who used the
weaponry of infrasound. But suppose some hostile force were
themselves using infrasonics? Infrasonics are inaudible. The battle
would be over before anyone knew it had begun. How would one know of
an infrasonic attack? The first line of defense would therefore be
the detection of the "unperceived enemy". The development of an
adequate infrasonic weapons systems would first require an infrasound

Dr. Gavreau first concentrated on developing infallible infrasonic
detectors for the personal safety of his operators as well as for
eventual tactical deployment. He experimented with several designs
which followed the arcane analogues of old wireless detectors. One
such design used enclosed flames to detect infrasonic pitches. They
were reminiscent of those flame detectors developed by Lee De Forest
just before his invention of the triode. The flame detectors of
Gavreau employed variable resonant cavities. Flame amplitudes shifted
with specific infrasonic pitches. He could calibrate the infrasonic
intensity as well as the pitch with these detectors. But, flames are
dangerous and fickle, not being very reliable in battle.

Dr. Gavreau next experimented with enhanced mechanical barometers.
These coupled large resonant cavities with very fine barometer tubes.
They displayed great sensitivity. Steady increases in barometric
pressure were registered when large cavity bellows were compressed by
infrasounds. The sensitivity of these barometers increased as the
bellows capacity was increased. They were adequate, but frail.

Another embodiment resembled the early mechanical television designs
of John Logie Baird. It utilized large tympani skins, mirrors,
lights, and photocells. A mirror was fastened to the tympanum. A
light beam flickered when infrasound struck the mirror. The photocell
recorded these flickers as an electrical signal. This detector system
was very reliable.

By far, the most advanced detectors which gavreau designed and tested
utilized an electrolytic process. In this analogue of systems
developed by Fessenden to measure faint wireless signals, chemical
solutions and fine wirepoint electrical contacts were used. Chemical
solutions, separated by an osmotic barrier, were forced to migrate
through the barriers whenever infrasound traversed the system. This
chemical mixture was then measured as an increased electrical
conductivity in a sensitive galvanometer. This system was reliable
and accurate. All of these systems suffered from one possibility. The
offensive use of an incredible infrasonic amplitude would burst them
into vapor.


Claims were issued by french authorities, stating that Dr. Gavreau
was not developing weapons at all. Several patents, however, betray
this conspicuous smoke-screen. While it is impossible to retrieve the
actual patents for the infrasonic generators, Dr. Gavreau is credited
with extensive development of "infrasonic armor". Why would
he "waste" such time and expense if not for an anti-weapons program?

Thus use of infrasonic weaponry necessitates the development and
implementation of infrasonic shields. Dr. Gavreau spent more time
developing infrasonic shields than on developing efficient infrasonic
horns. Infrasound could not adequately be blocked, as Dr. Gavreau
discovered early in his research. Infrasonic devices require
extremely large baffles.

Furthermore, no one would dare initiate an infrasonic barrage on any
invasive force without adequate protection. Infrasonic horns can
project their sounds in a given direction, but natural
environments "leak" portions of the sound in all directions.
Infrasounds saturate their generators, flooding and permeating their
sources in a few seconds. They "work their way back" toward those who
dispatch their deadly signals. Infrasounds "hug the ground" and
spread around their sources. Unfortunately, those who would release
infrasonic energy would themselves be slaughtered in the very act.

The first method of Gavreau involves the conversion of infrasound
into successively higher pitches, until the infrasonic pitch
is "lost". This was achieved in his passive "structural" method, an
enormous layered series of baffles and resonant cavities. This form
is "passive" since it merely stands and waits for infrasonic
barrages, absorbing and converting them into harmless audible tones.

The second method of Gavreau is more active and "aggressive". It
actively engages and nullifies any offensive infrasonic power. The
nullifier uses a well known physical principle for its operation. As
an "active" shield, it transmits tones whose opposing wavefronts
destructively interfere with incoming infrasound. Infrasonic attacks
are nullified, or at least brought to much weaker levels.

This method requires high speed detection and response systems. The
process involves determination of an attack pitch, generation of the
same, and projection of the pitch "out of phase". The active
nullifier method is not completely accurate or protective by any
means. A highly modulated, mobile infrasonic source would be nearly
impossible to successfully neutralize without extremely sophisticated

But an elegantly simple approach was imagined, one which would not
require the defender to be exposed to his own infrasonic projections.
While fixated on the old notion of gun installations and stations,
Gavreau and the team had momentarily forgotten their first research
endeavor. Robotics!


Let us recall that Dr. Gavreau and his team of pioneers were in the
business of robotics. They developed industrial and military
automaton systems. How difficult would it have been to couple his
newfound weaponry with robotic applications? Dr. Gavreau combined the
organ pipe and whistle format. The device was housed in a block of
concrete. It was less than a cubic meter in volume. The primary
whistle was poised within its interior. At its flared opening were
placed several resonant pipes. The device was operated by highly
compressed air. Its output was frightful. It was capable, in a
conventional engagement, of utterly destroying an aggressor.

This infrasound whistle design was once sealed in an 880 pound
concrete pier for tests, a concrete baffle placed over its projective
end. Even with these precautions, the device succeeded in absolutely
shaking a fan-shaped portion of Marseille. It broke through its
supportive concrete pier and destroyed the baffle covering in an
instant. Macabre. No sound was ever heard.

This design demonstrated great pitch selectivity, power, and
directivity. In this last feature, Gavreau and his team achieved a
safety factor of greatest value. Infrasonic defensive armaments could
now be safely directed away from the operators against any foe. This
weapon was a remarkably compact and efficient device. Its efficiency
was gauged by the destructive output and the weapon volume.

A later embodiment of this terror disclosed another compact cube. The
infrasonic whistle was presumably housed therein. Proceeding from the
front plate were some sixty pipes, flared horns aimed in deadly
forward array. It was said that this device alone, remotely guided
into an arranged artificial battlefield, burst heavy battlements and
tank interiors open with a hideous effortlessness. In addition,
several other more frightening and unmentionable disruptions were
observed with equal effectiveness. In each, not a sound was ever

The device was mounted and mobilized. A robotic vehicle. Powered by
diesel engines or compressed gas, the almost insignificant unit would
be a bizarre foe for an army to engage. Preliminary experiments had
proven the extreme danger of loosing infrasonic power among Gavreau
and his workers. Without automatic remote control mechanisms each
technician would succumb to the deadly sound and die, while the
machine kept broadcasting its deadly sound. As defensive weaponry,
such a device would be terrible and effective. The system would be a
true deterrent for those who would be foolish enough to attempt
ground assault on any nation so armed. Armies would fall flat. Once
the infrasonic horns were unleashed against the foe, the battle would
not even begin.

Such a war engine would be impossible to locate. None who saw its
size would believe it to contain such a lethal power. Most would
overlook the device completely. A flood of such devices, each
emanating a peculiar highly modulated blend of infrasound, would be
an unstoppable wall. Robotic tanks equipped with infrasonic
generators could sweep an area with deadly infrasound, destroying all
opponents to within a five mile radius. These terrible infrasonic
weapons could easily be secured in drone jets, where aerial assaults
could quickly and methodically waste any offensive approaching army.

Deterring would-be aerial attackers could be equally devastating for
the offenders. Infrasonic beacons could sweep and scan the skies with
a deadly accuracy. Infrasound passes through all matter with equal
effectiveness, seeking out offenders with deadly consequence. The
intensities which the Gavreau devices effectively broadcast into the
environment are frightening. In these devices we see the perfection
of phenomena which never naturally occur in such dangerous
intensities. This is why these weapons must be deployed by remote
control, operating as automatons at great distances from their

Weapons are made to defend, not to offend. In Gavreau's own
words: "There does not exist complete protection against infrasound.
It is not absorbed by ordinary matter, walls and chambers do not
suffice to arrest it". And so, once again, we stand at the cross-
roads. We are called, summoned to appear before two pathways. On the
one, we hear Messaien and the musical messages of peace. On the
other, Gavreau and the musical messages of war. And again we choose.
And again we must choose. Whose music will it be?

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